19 April 2018News

Tahirih Justice Center has started a online petition to require help about sexual assault.

The online petition launched at Change.org has a very sad testimonal and a true story that you can’t ignore.

Read bellow and please, make sure you sign in and share with your contacts.

Aracely’s story began in Honduras, where she lived with her family in a small community. At age 15, a man in her village known for his violent temper kidnapped her, raping and torturing her for days until she could escape. Although she found her way home, the man’s abuse continued for years, until one day he shot Aracely in the head, killed her two sons, and then killed himself. Aracely, who was pregnant with a daughter, miraculously survived, as did her daughter.

After the attack, her abuser’s family blamed Aracely for his death and threatened to kill her and her family. She tried escaping to another part of Honduras, but his family found her there.

Stand with women like Aracely, and sign our petition calling on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to uphold asylum protection for survivors of violence.

Aracely’s only chance to stay alive was to flee to the United States, where she was granted asylum. But now, Attorney General Sessions is rethinking long-settled policy that allows women like Aracely to be granted safety in the U.S.

He has taken a similar case off the desk of the immigration appeals court and is considering whether domestic violence victims should be given asylum. What he decides could have a wide-ranging impact that could cost the lives of women who desperately need our help.

Join us in telling Sessions that victims of severe domestic violence deserve a chance at safety on our shores.

Sign here.

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