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A new interview from Croatia has been published.

This time Eva talks about her best part of this trip that ends on June 20, CSI:Miami and her future projects.

She left an open door to an upcomong fourth trip to Croatia next Summer.

Food in Kvarner, as well as in Istria, is the best food I’ve ever tried. Better than food in Paris, Rome … I’ve been getting fat, I can not even wear a swimsuit (laughs). I think I got five pounds since I was here. All the food is so delicious and light, but the amount of wine I drank (laughter) … with the delight of LaRue’s story

Eva LaRue, an American actress best known for acting as Detective Natalie Boa Vista in the popular crime series “CSI: Miami”, enjoys the beauty of the Primorsko-goranska County these days.

With special enthusiasm, LaRue told us there about the gastronomic delicacies that had the opportunity to taste in some of the best restaurants in our region.

– Food in Kvarner, as well as in Istria, is the best food I have ever tried. Better than food in Paris, Rome … For me as an American it is completely unexpected because I had no idea what to expect … There is little information about the tourism industry in Croatia and what is offered in America. And there’s a lot to offer. Most of my friends who visited Croatia were here by boat, they came on yachts, so I told them all: If you did not get off the boat and went all the way here, you really were not in Croatia! I ask them, “Have you visited the wineries?” And they answer me. “What wineries?” I wonder. “Did you eat in restaurants that recommend Michelin?” And friends are surprised. “Do restaurants in Michelin recommend Michelin in Croatia?” Yes! Many restaurants! I do not know if it’s just my impression, but it seems to me that in the average in Croatia there are more restaurants that recommend Michelin than in any other country. Food is so good! All the restaurants I wanted to present to me were the best of slow food, but to eat for two weeks in a row, for lunch and for dinner … I’ve been getting tired, I can not even wear a swimsuit (laughs). I think I got five pounds since I was here. All the food is so delicious and light, but the amount of wine I drank (laughter) …

New best friend

What was the best you’ve been doing in the last few days? Was this a meat dish, some fishy, ​​maybe some dessert?

– Well, as far as dessert is concerned, I can live without sweet … And what was the best … I tried a veal of veal, prepared by sous-vide technique, in Stancija Meneghetti. It was extraordinary! There the wines were amazing, and the hosts were wonderful, so dear. Owner Miro is my new best friend. Then restaurant San Rocco. There I eat an incredible meal of mushroom truffles, in a jar, something spectacular! Isabella was the best mealtime in meating her cheeks with her nuts, something great, and the wine was perfect … We had wines from all over the region, even Dalmatia … You have amazing wines and we tried some foreign wines. In Bevandi I also have wonderful meals, pizza and excellent wines from Croatia. I was delighted with raw marinated shrimp with yellow-prepared sous-cam in sugar and salt, with a piece of raw tuna. I’ve never eaten anything like that! Sounds unusual, but it was magical, just incredible. All the places I’ve been to are part of the brand Stories, the Croatian Unique Hotels, which I am an ambassador. It was a magic experience, I was in a variety of stories, different flavors. Last year I went to nine buildings, this year it’s all over and it’s all amazing! I could not even imagine that everything would be so fantastic.

I live my dream.

Will you come to Croatia next summer?

“I certainly would love it because there are so many that I have not seen. It would be my fourth visit to Croatia. This is the perfect place to start or end a trip … I also think that June is a great time to stay in Croatia. It seems to me that in July and August too many tourists … So I would be happy to return next June. If they call me, I will be happy to respond to the call. (laughter).

In Croatia you are best known for playing in the series “CSI: Miami”. How was that part of this popular series?

“It was incredible, fantastic ten years of my life! And it was really fun. Everyone on the shoot, and the actors and the rest of the team, we became a big family. It was very sad when the series stopped recording after ten years. We all grew up somehow together … People got married, they got kids, they parted, kids grew up … It was a special time.

Did you during the series work have the chance to learn some forensic methods?

“Yes, we had technical advisers, specialists, real CSIs, real detectives from the Los Angeles office of the Los Angeles office, who came to us on a daily basis and taught us the protocol: how to clear the crime scene, how to gather evidence, how to read a blood sample , how to behave properly so as not to contaminate the crime scene, which is very important. Even some real CSIs aren’t skilled in that. It is well known that during the investigation, contaminated sites of crimes of some known murders in the United States were because those who didn’t know that they did contaminate the crime scene, so it was interesting to know something that many experts don’t know. Very fascinating.

Main character in the series »CSI: Miami« Horatio Caine is a cult television character in Croatia. Is there such status in the US as well?

– Yes, Horatio Caine is a legendary figure! There are so many Youtube videos, comic puzzles dedicated to him.

What are you doing right now?

– Before I came to Croatia, I was two months in Kentucky where I was filming the Orphan Horse movie with Jon Voight. After we finished recording, I came here. And now I’m working on developing ideas for a television series.

Have you always wanted to be an actress?

– Yeah, since childhood. I wanted to be a dancer, but I was most interested in acting.

Are there any more professions you wanted to deal with but never did?

– I have to say I live my dream right now. I travel as much as I can. I’ve always wanted it. Aside from acting and living in the entertainment world, I’ve always wanted to travel and see as much of the world as possible. Maybe this sounds ridiculous or like a cliché, but I really live my dream. I am very happy to be able to do what I want.

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