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Introduction/signature dish challenge: The season began with the contestants being transported to the Cinerama Dome theater in Los Angeles, where they first viewed a short film that had an introduction by Chef Ramsay and detailed the careers of several former contestants (including season 10 winner Christina Wilson, season 9 winner Paul Niedermann, and season 7 runner-up Jason “Jay” Santos) before informing this season’s contestants of the challenges they would face. They were then immediately given their first challenge: to make their signature dishes for Chef Ramsay (at the Le Cordon Bleu college across the street) and present them in front of a large cinema audience. As the contestants cooked their dishes, JP earned Chef Ramsay’s ire for finishing his dish with over twenty minutes remaining, resulting in Ramsay forcing him to make another one. The dishes were rated on a scale of 1-5, and ultimately, the red team beat out the blue team 24 points to 23.

Reward/punishment: The red team were treated to a meal at the Hotel Bel-Air hosted by Wolfgang Puck, while the blue team were taken to Hell’s Kitchen and made to set up the dorms. During the punishment, JR annoyed his team-mates by not doing as much work as the other men. As a final punishment, the blue team had to unload the red team’s luggage upon their arrival. The red team began studying the cooking manuals, while the blue team quickly fell asleep.

Service: For the opening night, several celebrities were in attendance (including Greg Grunberg, Scott Grimes, Paul Feig, Bob Guiney and Eva La Rue), and a tableside appetizer of prawn scampi was served by Denine for the red team, and Sterling from the blue team. The red team turned in a virtually flawless performance, with the only notable error being Janai mistakenly serving 8 scallops for an order instead of 10 and finished dinner service after what Chef Ramsay said was by far the best-ever performance by a team on the opening night of a Hell’s Kitchen season, with Ashley and Roe having flawless performances on the meat station. The blue team’s service, however, was a complete disaster. They were stalled from the beginning by Aaron’s inability to cook the risotto and JR and JP serving raw scallops and raw lobster respectively; Aaron was eventually able to get the risottos out with help from Fernando. Steve did well on the meat station, but further mistakes by JR and JP saw the two tossed out of service. Fernando took over the fish station, but immediately served up raw halibut, which caused Ramsay to throw all the men out of service. With the blue team having served no entrees, they were deemed the clear losers and told to nominate two for elimination.

Elimination: After some deliberation, Bryant revealed to Chef Ramsay that they nominated Aaron and JP. After hearing from the two, Chef Ramsay eliminated JP for his general ineptitude in both the signature dish challenge and the service, in addition to taking no accountability for his faults (he attempted to blame Aaron for the failure of the men’s service).

Ramsay’s comment: “Everyone in Hell’s Kitchen starts at the bottom. Unfortunately, JP stayed there.”


Watch it full and worlwide here.

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