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Croatian press is so into Eva’s promotion of their country. Today they released a new interview with her and included an audio of it.

Hotel Bevanda, whose location and interior could be used to record a film that is being performed in Florida, is now home to Eva La Rue, partner of David Caruso in “CSI Miami” series. Eva is an ambassador of Croatian tourism, as she promotes the brand of luxury Croatian hotels.

It became about two years ago, when people from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce came to Rovinj and when the brand Stories hotel, which now includes 17 luxury Croatian hotels, was just in the back. After six months she returned and visited the Dalmatian part of the group, and now they are on the verge of Istria and Kvarner. Until then, he did not know anything about Croatia, and now, with enviable skill, pronounces the complicated names of our cities.

Asked if the role in the series, besides glory, also had a problem, as the actor “typizes” for a certain type of characters, she says: “Yes, that’s the problem, since since we stopped four years ago to record CSI, they offered me exclusively but before that I played in the soap, so it was hard to get out of that cliché, and we’ll see what’s going to be. ” What would you like to be? “Well, I just made a movie with Jon Voight (father of Angelina Jolie), and now I’m making my own show that I will produce myself.”

Asked if she could return time, she would go the same way, “Wow, that’s a good question … But no, I would not really change because I stayed in California, I did not come to New York to record soap, maybe my career would look different, but I would not get the most important thing in my life – that’s my daughter. “

When asked about the origins and surname of the French, Eva says: “There are many different nationalities in me, the roots are mostly Puerto Rican, but there are places for a single Croatian name!” Will we then invite all the free boys? “Yes, Definitely ..!”, Laughing will laugh with Eva.

You can listen to the audio here.

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