15 May 2017News, Videos

Here is what Eva says in the video:

“The stigma around mental health creates an incredible insecurity for the people who have it and for the people who love them. Growing up with my mom who had AHDH and she didn’t know and we didn’t know was like growing up being governed by another kid. It was just a bunch of kids in the house and nobody was really in charge. There’s so much anxiety in the house,just trying to get though a day on a regular basis and I’m trying to struggle with understanding why things are happening the way they’re
happening. Why everything’s falling through the
cracks and we knew there was something
that was the cause but you’re never
never quite sure.
Well my mom finally was diagnosed, we did
all have that moment of well,yeah there’s a reason now let’s just deal with the reason the more talked about it the more awareness about it, the more
patience for it, the more love we have around it the quicker we erase the stigma.”


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