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An American actress arrived in a two-week visit to Croatia. Stay in luxurious Stories hotels, your impressions and experiences will be revealed on your very own blog.
The CSI Miami Eva LaRue star has been staying in Croatia for the sake of being the ambassador of the home within the Group of Unique Luxury Hotels at HGK – Stories, Croatian Unique Hotels, enjoying unique Stories hotels across the coast.

About the experiences and impressions during our two-week stay at Our Beautiful, the actress will write on her very closely watched travel blog.

The American star is currently staying in Hvar, where he talked, among other things, about the city’s charms and interesting things in the company of Mayor Rikard Novak.

During the walk through Hvar’s streets, Eva met with our well-known footballer Slaven Bilić , currently coach of the English Premier League, West Ham United.

Read more about staying a famous actress in Croatia in an exclusive reportage brought by Gloria magazine’s next issue of the magazine.


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