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Cappadocia, Turkey is a kingdom steeped in fantastic history and even more fantastical topography. It’s known for its distinctive fairy chimneys, tall, cone shaped rock formations, clustered in the many valleys, where bronze age cave dwellings were carved into soft stone valley walls by troglodytes (cavemen) and later used as homes and places of worship by early, 2nd century Christians escaping Roman persecution.

My daughter Kaya and I felt like we’d stepped out of a time travel machine and into another world! Located on the side of an ancient monastery in Old Uchisar Village, is the Argos In Cappadocia Cave Hotel, honored as “The Best Luxury Historical Hotel of the World” by World Luxury Hotel Awards, and one of the Robb Report’s 30 “Best Hotels of the World” for 2016.

The Argos in Cappadocia has carefully restored the remains of historical dwellings, underground tunnels and caves, ever mindful of the aesthetic charms of this ancient, traditional, hillside village, to offer their guests not only an unsurpassed place to stay, but a truly unique perspective from which to view this magical land. Not to mention bragging rights for becoming a modern troglodyte for a few nights!

The living spaces are connected with beautiful gardens and terraces that afford panoramic views extending beyond the foothills.

The Argos offers a great variety of guest rooms and suites in seven different mansions, all designed in a different style. Some include private cave pools, fireplaces and terraces, and all offer a different window into a hauntingly beautiful backdrop.

The hotel’s Shiraz grapes are lovingly tended in their vineyards, some of which are integrated into the garden landscaping, and have won 2 International Silver Medals, and let me tell you they are delish! Unfortunately, they are not allowed to export them to the US, so until then, I guess they have to be experienced as part of the local flavor- it’s a darn shame! The historic, subterranean passages and living spaces hollowed out as sanctuaries and hidden shelters, now house the Argo’s private wine cellars.

Cappadocia, Turkey is a geological oddity of honeycombed hills and towering boulders of otherworldly beauty!

There are so many fascinating things to see and do here, from visiting the open air museum of monasteries and rock churches, (some with beautifully preserved frescoes dating back to the ninth century) to camel, horseback or ATV rides through the valleys.

There are wine tasting tours, hiking, rock climbing, 3 underground cities to see, One that is believed to be 10 stories deep (we got as far down as six!), and fantastic shopping for quality handicrafts, pottery, jewelry and gorgeous handmade carpets. Do not miss the best possible way to see it all -Hot air balloon! The aerial view of Cappadocia in and of itself, was epic!

Argos In Cappadocia Cave Hotel: Luxury Travel in Turkey
The people of the area were extraordinarily kind and helpful, which rounded out the perfect journey us. What a fantastic adventure through time!




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