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August 22nd, 2011 was the date when all started. That day I decided to create a place for all the fans of Eva around the world.

There was a fansite on her but I wanted mine to be updated with not only current projects but also past projects and future ones.

As time passed I decided to create more things to make the site more special. I created a video vault in Vimeo as many other sites did, but this was the first channel with Eva as main and only topic of information.

Icreated channels on every social network to keep people updated about her work.

Instagram, Twitter and Facebook

A place where fans could be updated with her last projects, news and exclusive stuff.

I also created a movie vault in order to help others to watch different TV shows and movies in which Eva has appeared.

I want to thank each and everyone who has been here since then, the ones who joined us after it all started and the ones who will come in the future.

To Eva herself for being the best role model a girl like me could dream to have.

To my friends and family for understanding that is not a crazy phase but part of my life.

Thank you for trusting me for provide you with the best information about Eva. ♥

Happy 7th anniversary!

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