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Right after attending the Big City Moms biggest baby shower Eva showed in a white dress at the Cahmpion For Children’s Gala and Awards with Kaya and Jessica and Breanna Bunevacz, mom and daughter contestants of the Yolanda Hadid’s reality show.

What’s the Champion for Children’s Foundation for?

The Champion for Children Foundation has been providing abuse and neglect prevention and early intervention programs and services to children and families in Highlands County since 1994.

With the generous support and donations by committed individuals, businesses, civic groups, and churches, the Champion for Children Foundation is able to continue assisting local children in need and families in crisis.

Our community serving children and families in need through a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
Our Vision: For all youth to mature into responsible adult members of a global society.
Our Mission: To provide abuse and neglect prevention programs, and early intervention services, to children and families in Highlands County.
Our Motto: Our Children Our Future

Breanna Bunevacz via Instagram Stories from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo.



Aug 2018
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On Saturday, August 11th Eva was invited to the Big City Moms biggest baby shower, which had her best friend and fellow partner in All My Children, Sarah Michelle Gellar, as host.

We have some video updates via Eva herself, Sarah and also Circle4Parents.

Sarah Michelle Gellar via Instagram from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo.

Sarah Michelle Gellar via Instagram from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo.

Eva LaRue via Instagram from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo.

circle4parents via Instagram from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo.

circle4parents via Instagram from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo.

Aug 2018
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Eva launched a new project about parenting teens in her YouTube channel. In the first two videos she has shared some funny stories and talks about one of the most important topics: sex.

How to talk to your kids about sex and mostly important, why all parents should do it?

Lara and Eva shares needed information about it and also stadistics which are mostly shocked.

You should check her videos right now and suscribe to her channel for upcoming videos.

Aug 2018
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On August 9th Eva attended a new event.

Wearing her hair in a high pony tail, a black dress and multi color high heels.



Aug 2018
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Eva LaRue wrote a new post in her Dot Luxury blog about Burning Man; what you need to know about, fashion and what you’ll see there.

Once a year from the last Sunday in August through the first Monday in September, tens of thousands of campers descend on Black Rock Desert, in N.W. Nevada, to create Black Rock City (BRC). This year, 70,000 “Burners” will gather to create a temporary, capitalism free, community dedicated to creativity, otherworldly art, innumerable acts of self-expression, radical self reliance, unconditional gifting and connection. All culminating in the burning of the Temple and the proverbial Man. It is the largest, most extreme festival in the world. A transformative experience that is truly the sexiest combo of cutting edge tech, engineers, artists (conceptual and performance) and inventors, all with a dousing of ingenuity, mayhem and madness. What’s unbelievable is that this entire city only exists for one week and then completely disappears without a trace of MOOP (Material Out Of Place)!

With “radical self expression” being one of the 10 governing principles, clothing and costumes are an integral part of the Burning Man culture. Fashion participation makes you part of the art and creative spirit. It’s not “Dress to Impress” it’s “Dress to Express”! Think post apocalyptic glam! Burning Man festival fashion is fantastically outrageous, infamously skimpy and some of it functional. Google Burning Man fashion sometime, it’s pretty astounding, but word to the wise, it’s a slippery slope and you could get sucked down a photo rabbit hole! So, to be helpful, I decided to make a fashion checklist for first time burners:

Goggles – The wraparound kind for surviving white out, alkali dust storms. Which I got slammed by the second I stepped off the Burner Bus. My favorite are the Steam Punk style.
Scarves or bandanas – To cover your nose and mouth in said dust storm.
Boots – the alkali dust will eat up your feet pretty badly, so close toed shoes and socks are a must, and boots are more sturdy than tennies.
Jacket – It gets COLD in the desert at night! Over 100° during the day but sometimes gets to 40° at night. I love the faux fur jackets.
LED neon light strings – This is a must at night, it’s pitch black out there and if you don’t want to be run over by a mutant art car, or an intoxicated bicycler than you need to be lit up like a Vegas hotel. You can sow strings of LED lights into your jacket, or wrap them on wrists and neck as jewelry.

Hats – any kind of protective headgear because again 100° plus temperatures are beating down on your head. My favorites are the military caps, bowlers and tophats.
Parasols – Fun, funky umbrellas to create your own shade and prevent heat stroke.

Fanny Pack – No, not your mom’s old school kind, but a”Mad Max” type, leather utility belt that can hold essentials like lip balm, electrolyte tabs, phone, a spoon, and a clip to hook a cup and water bottle. Remember, everyone is responsible for their own trash so there are no disposable utensils on the playa to create extra MOOP. If you don’t have your own cup or spoon, camps won’t be able to serve you.
No Sequins or Feathers – for the same MOOP reason- some people still do it, but veteran burners hate it.

Braids – Because your hair will be so disgusting by the end of the week you will not even be able to put a brush through it, and I’m not exaggerating!
Tutu Tuesdays – Nuf said.

White Wednesdays – Self-explanatory. There’s also a Unicorn Stampede that afternoon …so don’t forget your horn. And a Billion Bunny March (dress as a carrot or a bunny).
Fishnet Friday – None of these are mandatory by the way.
Bikes – You must have a bike to get around, so you might as well dress it up as well! Plus they usually have a basket for carrying extras like jackets and water. Wrap it with a zillion neon LED lights so that you’re easily visible at night. And most IMPORTANTLY, rent an electric bike if you can get your hands on one, work it out in advance, they’re a lot more expensive but so worth it! Paddling in 3 inch deep, soft dirt in 100° for miles and miles all day and night is absolutely exhausting!

Have Fun Dressing to Express – Model your inner Goddess, Gypsy, Steam Punk, Cleopatra, Disco Darling, African Queen, Indian Princess, Pagan Priestess or Rock Star. Think animal prints, neon cyber punk, fringe, body chains, faux fur, headdresses, huge statement jewelry or tribal pieces. Winged goggles, spiked military hats, chain mail, tutus, combat boots, decorative bras, anything goes! Radically express your inner sparkle pony!

Keep in mind that the dust won’t come out of anything, so don’t spend a ton on things you’ll probably have to toss. Thrift stores (Buffalo exchange and Iguana in LA) are great places to start, and Etsy is like, the festival fashion motherload!

Be prepared to throw out all your preconceived notions of what Burning Man is or what it might be, based on others’ opinions. Everyone comes away with a unique and individual experience, which can include being totally overwhelmed. But there is nothing else like this on the planet. The late Larry Harvey’s vision “to create a more creative and generous world for the participants to give birth to new experiences and expand the boundaries of what creators could attempt”. – The absurd, the stunning, the sublime.

In the article she also embedded different post about Burning Man inspo including Victoria’s Secret angels Candice Swanepoel and Martha Hunt, bloggers and creative directors.

Una publicación compartida de Boho High (@bohohigh) el

Una publicación compartida de Bazinga Luna 🌙🎩✨ (@bazinga_luna) el

Una publicación compartida de Andre Minkus (@ondre33) el

Una publicación compartida de Cindy Ambuehl (@cindyambuehl) el



Aug 2018
Interviews, News, Videos   •   Posted by with Comments Off on Eva La Rue discusses Women giving back

Eva gave a new interview on August 1st with Catherine Grey.

She’s passionate about telling stories of amazing women who are rocking the world and empowering women to live love and thrive.

Here’s your host Katherine Gray, welcome to love thrive women’s empowerment hour brought to you by 360 karma. We hope you’re joining the conversation on Facebook and also of course following us on Twitter and Instagram at my 360 karma.

As you know we always have on incredible guests and today we have on an extraordinary actress she’s also a philanthropist.

Hello say that three times!

And a writer and just a wonderful human being.

Please give a warm welcome to actress Eva LaRue

Hi how are you?


-So I know most people know you from All My Children and now CSI series and I think that what I like to do most is like tell people you know what your journey was to get here, because a lot of people they love your work, they see you, they know you’re successful and they want to know you, how did she do it, yeah you know and and I know you have like a really kind of a tough childhood upbringing story that we talked about.

That your parents divorced when you were seven, I know a lot of people relate to that because it’s very common in our world, you know to come from a divorced family, so but at seven years old, let’s start with that.

How how did that feel? Or, did you well, you knew exactly what was happening?

-No, I mean, I think at that age it’s interesting because the research shows that kids of divorced couples that are older have a much tougher time with the divorce, so teenagers and young adults have a much tougher time dealing with their parents getting a divorce than you know, children that are younger, because they don’t really evidently the way our brains develop are when they’re up until you’re 15, your brain very concretely, yeah, and 15 and up your brain starts to take on conceptual ID right so and I think it’s really we won’t talk about what happens after 50 it’s interesting because I think it’s a built-in defense mechanism for our brains as children because traumas bounce off a lot easier because so what happens can with a concrete thinking for children is that if it’s right in front of them they’ll be sad about it right but then they’re able to skip off and play right but yeah it’s not right in front of their rebound they they don’t precipitate on something right all day like we do right?

-I’m so inception thinking even in a tougher part of your upbringing you were sharing about you.

I know your mom was a single mom.

A single mom it was me and my sister we welfare right right.

I mean people knowing you as the successful actors would never know this road that. I mean, that was not an easy childhood.

No, no,but you know it’s funny it’s it’s what you know so you don’t think of it as being hard again. I think our brains are sort of built to protect us growing up from a lot of things that we don’t. You know know what’s going on and and frankly it just was what it was so I didn’t consider it a deficit or hard or because, but now when I look back on and I’m like, yes, Wow yes, yes, yeah, Wow yeah, you know how she struggled and keep see how far yes and you know we live with just like that certain amount of fear day to day that you know you want these things for your kids and you want to make sure that you provide for them well and you also want to make sure that they have like a you know a full round at home life that doesn’t always happen the way we want it to happen, but it is true.

It sounds like, you grew up with a lot of love, yes, and so it’s true that kids really don’t know any differently if they haven’t had anything different right and that a rich full support love.

Ironmans is worth more than money.

Yeah, yeah my mom was like ridiculously supportive of what I wanted to do and she really nurtured my creativity, and she you know provided.

We you know were on dance scholarships.

She’d tried to, you know, get us whatever you know, free bits that she could and she scraped together so we could be taking dance lessons and acting lessons and things because she knew that my sister and I, you know that, that’s where our creative and that’s where your heart was,yeah, that’s where our hearts were. That’s what our passions were, yes.

I really did her best to support that and that is so cool, yeah I mean she obviously did something right blamed for everything, you know.

I guess you know my kid will be in therapy, but I mean look at you now.

I mean so, so what as a kid you were in theater and I know you grew up in Long Beach right well born in Long Beach. You grew up in Norco, California.

Oh right in a little town in a very suburb, well not even suburban, more rural country. Yeah.

It’s so interesting. I just read that they said to baby boomers where are you going to retire? and it said forty percent said in the country and that’s surprising it’s like, but oddly enough there is no country left, yeah 15% said City maybe, maybe they don’t know the difference between the country or the city.

I don’t know, but I know we’re talking Lancaster or something, yeah.

But, so you love living here in Los Angeles?

I do yeah. You know, I’m like everybody, I don’t love the traffic breath, you just you can’t beat the weather.

Yeah, it’s hot right now, I mean I like it.

What’s it like being on CSI? I know my friend and Donahue was one of the most leading edge women in the industry who created wrote produced CSI.

Yeah, initially and how awesome that you’re on that show because that is one of the most successful crime series syndications in industry in the world.

Yeah, yeah and it’s been off now for a little over four years, so we wrapped our last episode of CSI Miami four and a half years ago, but we were running for ten years.

Which was CSI Las Vegas was on.

I think 14, oh my god, and there’s something else on now. And now, well you know, that series because it was so successful worldwide really that it got dogged piled. So right after that it was, you know it was CSI Vegas then CSI Miami then CSI New York then NCIS and CIA SLA,Bones, Mentalist like they just like that.

On NCIS my friend Scott Williams does so I mean I know that Cole crime thing is like so Godwine.

Yeah, Daniela Ruah is on. Oh yeah and I think they just renewed that and yeah that’s a great series.

But you got your start on All My Children.


Which a lot of people know you from.

Apparently I I’m hearing that as we were posting you’re gonna be on the show and people love you from that was that your first big break

It was that, was my first big break.

I worked, you know, I was working pretty steadily up to that but just like, you know, a guest star on this and the guest star on that and I was on Santa Barbara which was another soap opera for about six months before, and you know I was doing some hosting in between two and then I got All My Children and moved to New York for ten years.

Oh, wow!

Yeah, and met my husband there on.

He was my love interest on the show.

Oh my god! My daughter. Wow!

When’s your divorce move back home.

Okay so, but it was amazing, and I started there with Kelly Ripa and Sarah Michelle Gellar, who went on to do Buffy the Vampire Slayer and various movies and things like that, so we had a really cool alumni from that time.

Was it a fun ten years?

It was a very fun ten years, yeah, and I was there off and on so I died like all good soap can come back with them and I had like soap disease, because you don’t know, you know like when you have a disease, and you know what? It kills you and then a fiery plane crash. Somebody stole my baby. Oh my God! Yeah I don’t know if I just misplaced. You gotta love this story but I have to say and some crazier stuff was happening behind the scenes, yeah, I mean for whatever.

Come on now, right? Well, yeah someday I’ll write that book.

When all are dead, I am gonna write the book to see what’s really going on by because, seriously, some of the what’s going on in the dressing rooms on soap operas are far crazier than they could ever write.

I mean they should just turn the camera into the dressing room and it would be better and we weren’t altogether sure that they weren’t bugging the dressing rooms.

Really, everybody said you know it’s weird because I just said this the other day in my dressing room and it’s odd that it showed up in a script oh my gosh. Yeah I wondered it would have been smart because they didn’t have to write anything if they just wrote it himself a makeup room and the little like behind the scenes needed the bits, and you know love interests, the real love interest, the affairs and I mean, like way more than they could ever written.

I’m right at some day.

Okay, yeah you’re gonna write a book yeah a book is coming folks.

What will it be called?

Oh my goodness, “behind the curtain”, behind the, yeah.

So after this, then you ended up on CSI. I guess there’s some other projects there in between, of course, but what was that like? Because CSI you know. We were just saying is such a popular franchise such a big show that was a big big deal for your career.


What was that like? I mean it must have been like world apart from being on a soap opera toad.

Yeah, it’s a completely different, complete format genre, a completely different kind of work.

Sounds like soap opera.

When I write, when I left we were doing parts of three shows a day and sometimes up to 75 pages of dialogue.
75 pages of dialogue a day.

Yeah, this is why I would never be an actor because when you do I can’t remember in paragraph, I can’t remember a phone number.

It was brain-dead a week, but another week I couldn’t even remember my name and when you think about, you know, when you’re doing a one-hour show you have nine days to shoot 75 pages.

Oh my god!

You know, I mean are 90 pages but we would.

Hey! oh my god!

It was crazy we got this when I started on CSI Miami it was like, I first of all I thought it was gonna be like a piece of cake would shoot like seven pages a day me and nine like big deal however it was all scientific stuff so it’s like speaking in Japanese, yeah, it’s like all this criminal technology all of this scientific you know technological right but you pulled it off besides those two things.

What’s been your favorite project right now?

My favorite project is, I just started with an organization called Circle for parents, calm yeah, and I came on as a board member, and one of the owners and it is an online company that provides coaching one-on-one and group coaching for parents on every possible parenting topic because what we’re finding is that the statistics really show how alone we feel in parenting whether you’re married, or you’re not right how alone we feel, and no matter what economics say is that it’s crosses all economic right, socio-economic right, because we feel like. I think and exponentially due to all of our social media which shows how happy everybody’s family is, yeah the highlights of how amazing and everything, and every great and they don’t have problems with their teenager. And excuse me, their kids you know, not having night terrors, right? So people feel very isolated and very alone and also trying to put on a good show of how also trying to get your kid into a good school. You don’t want to look like you’ve there’s any problems in your house, and everybody what a pressure there’s so much anxiety that we’re producing for our children. Now too because to have them be good good athletes and good academically, and be ready to go to and have all this philanthropic work on the side because they never get into a college if they don’t have eighty seven thousand hours of my life.

I’ve you know charity work and I think what we’re doing is is too much way it’s overload and anxiety.

Did you look at your Twitter and did you look at your Instagram did you look at your Facebook?

Gosh yeah, you’re missing out. Look at all the stuff and so we’re really providing a fantastic service and and especially in the culture of business coaching know everybody’s got a business coach at all of these at this big, at the corporate in the executive level so we’re offering parenting coaching with doctors, therapists, and specialists in that specific topic.

So it’s topic specific you can go on type in a topic and join a group

A parenting, like, he’s good? go to it and say my kid has a DD and you don’t whatever, or one-on-one session. People are finding that they really like the groups because think of how much we learn from our girlfriends when we go to dinner.

We go to lunch with our girlfriends and I get more information from them because we’re really research hounds. I am anyway right so you know whatever your topic is you have researched it right so if I haven’t researched then I know my girlfriend has, yes, and she’ll tell me, “oh my kids got problems with a/d and d/a DD” and she’s got the cutting-edge doctors, she’s researched specialists, she’s researched, she knows what the new cutting-edge in helping her kid right, you know, create new neural pathways around that particular ad D or whatever, and I’m gonna get my best information from them, so when we create a group within circle for parents those parents are helping each other, even though they’ve got a specialist, or a doctor. As the moderator and the coach we’ve got.

Parents that are further along in that journey mm-hmm parents that are just starting in that journey and are all helping each other what’s that website circle of its circle the number for parents,so circle for parents, calm yeah.

Love it that you’re doing that and then you know the research also shows that people are actually happier when they have community yes so what you’re providing is not just you know assistance but literally happiness to have that community because people then, like you said, don’t feel isolated and alone so can anyone of any income status come to this okay? yeah anybody any income status and frankly you know therapy is a very expensive venture mm-hm and especially when you go to a family therapist and then it’s just kind of a blanket approach to whatever your specific issue is so at circle for parents it is topic specific you’re gonna get a specialist in that specific topic and it’s coaching. And not there, so it’s solution oriented, it’s not you can go to therapy for 100 zillion years and not really and chitty-chat your brains out and not really find solutions, right? This is solution

I love that, yeah, which is really great. You’re in come away with actual tools from every session and not only that, I feel like you’re gonna come away with a commute like you said a community of people who understand and you can continue that community and for forty-five dollars a session. Can you imagine going to a therapist for $45 right?

That’s great! How did Jen say? How did you get involved in this and why?

I always think that people’s obstacles somehow connect to what they do later in life. To give back, yeah. I think you know.

Explaining that your background was single mom welfare you know that maybe that’s why you’ve taken on this endeavor to help people in that position except you know going through.

I get divorced five years ago and kind of guiding my daughter and I through that process it was very, you know, it was pretty emotionally debilitating for us and guiding her through that. It’s really fantastic to be part of a company that is providing affordable coaching right because it’s just not even a possibility for a lot of single moms because it’s just too expensive. We just even know where to go right. Like, we know how to begin right, or what do they really need, or what do I really need or I can just do this alone, and it’s super it’s very isolating so they go to this website and they find their community.

Is this located here in LA or all over the world?

Well you can let me login day or night and find a coach that is teaching a class on that is what a great thing to tie into.

How’d you get involved in that?

Like you know, like I said it’s usually when you have, you know with a family. I think I just sort of put out into the universe that I was ready to do something that was really that I was really passionate about and really spoke to my heart and what I’d been working on for the last four years with my daughter like all that work was not well, of course it wasn’t for nothing, because we’re a lot spiritually and emotionally more healed and evolved than we would ever have been and a lot closer than we would ever have been out that trauma, so that trauma you know divorce is; always traumatic, but there’s beautiful pieces that come out of it always a lot of amazing gifts for both my daughter and I, and so I’m really, I know it sounds weird to be grateful for, you know, for a divorce. It’s not that I’m grateful for the divorce and you’re grateful for what happened as a result out of it.

Executive gifts and so then from there I decided. You know what I think I’m gonna do? I read a quote a few weeks ago that parenting without a sense of humor is like being an accountant who can’t do math.

So true. That’s a greater now.

You know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna spin off a little YouTube channel, because right now there’s all these YouTube channels yeah for parents with little kids and toddlers and babies right but there really isn’t anything for somebody parenting teens, and I can say it’s funny and that is not. But it does end up being because after you’re past the whatever it is they’re putting you through that, the teens.

It is hysterically funny and they’re gonna be great stories I think it’s just like Cheryl Bear right now for me.

Yeah, you know politics, you think how could you possibly laugh? And somehow he makes me laugh.

Have you already launched it?

That’s what you’re launching so this is going to launch the YouTube channel parent teen.

Okay, yeah. We’re actually editing the first three episodes right now, and we’re the whole team.

I can’t wait by the end of next week, and they’re pretty funny.

The first few episodes are there it’s gonna be a micro series, like a really micro series, since YouTube things are only like five minutes long. Like the first three you’re gonna be on sex, on how to discuss about sex.

oh my god! This is kids.
Oh my god! I wish I had my mother. Don’t you wish your mother? I do yeah. I guess my way through that one yeah alright. They didn’t want it definitely that issue.

Exactly! They were. Figure out the drinking, figure out the drugs.


Yeah, there was no therapy, you know, thank God we’re the therapy generation. So you’re doing that.

I know you just did a TED talk on forgiveness that people should check out.

I did what made you do it unforgiveness again it kind of goes back to this whole journey that my daughter and I have been on over the last five years, and the talk is on is on break down to break through and then the final wrap-up of the breakthrough has to be forgiveness because otherwise, you know, that unforgiveness is really like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die. It doesn’t.

I’ve heard that they like that?

It’s so true. it doesn’t do them any harm, it does you harm. And forgiving doesn’t mean you’ve said it’s okay what you did to me it just says you know what you were with the tools that you had at the time. I was where I was with the tools that I had at the time I’m gonna take responsibility. It’s really about taking personal responsibility when you’re forgiving somebody else, it’s about digging super deep and taking all your personal responsibilities and they can blame forever. And then doing what you just did and what you said you did was to take what lessons came out of it to make life better, better and say, oh my gosh.

That something good came out of this, something really beautiful

There some sort of dream projects that you’d like to do well?

I just wrapped up a movie with Jon Voight called Orphan Horse, that’s gonna be coming out I think later this year. Oh my gosh! I was exciting.

Si that was sounds interesting?

Yeah it was really fun! It’s like a family movie and it’s really sweet.

So great! we’ll look for what channel will be when is coming out or it’s gonna be a future film release studio?

Well that’s very exciting, yeah independents are the best.

No offense studios a little more leeway with what you want to do loved hearing, what you’re up to loved hearing, what’s behind the curtain. Looking forward to that book drama behind the curve.

Good one! it’s gonna be a good one. And just keep doing what you’re doing! You’re such a giveback human being and I think that’s beautiful.

Thank you!

Thank you Eva Larue. And we will be back next week, same time. Make it a great week hugs and happiness.

Jul 2018
Appearances, Photos   •   Posted by with Comments Off on Michael Campion’s Roaring 16th Birthday Celebration! in LA

On July 29th Eva attended with Kaya and Kayin, Lara’s daughter, the Michael Campion’s Roaring 16th Birthday party.

Michael plays Jackson Fuller in the Netflix reboot of Fuller House, in which Eva played Teri.

You can see the high quality photos of the event in our gallery.



Jul 2018
Interviews, News   •   Posted by with Comments Off on Eva LaRue in 360Karma on August 1st

Eva will be at the talk show 360Karma. A show about empowering women.

The Live Love Thrive Talk Show was born out of a desire to share the stories of fascinating women who are doing extraordinary work in the world. Producer and host Catherine Gray has enjoyed interviewing and telling stories through her award-winning documentaries for over a decade, and wanted to turn her storytelling into a weekly Power Hour of women you should know. “I feel there is not enough positive programming celebrating the achievements of women and I wanted to feature incredible stories that you otherwise would never hear about,” she explains. The exceptional team at UBN Universal Broadcasting Network films the show live every Wednesday at Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood, making it available on demand on YouTube, IHeart Radio, Itunes and more.

You can listen the show online at this link.

The interview will be on Wednesday August 1st at 12:00 Pacific Time.

Jul 2018
Appearances, Candids, Interviews, News, Photos   •   Posted by with Comments Off on “ON YOUR FEET!” LOS ANGELES PREMIERE

Eva and Kaya attended on July 10th a new event. “Get on your feet” by Emilio & Gloria Estefan.

Una publicación compartida de Eva LaRue (@imevalarue) el




Jun 2018
Site News   •   Posted by with Comments Off on Eva LaRue’s birthday project

Eva’s birthday is on December 27 but our gift will come few days before the big day, do you want to join the project? Is easy, free and will only take a few minutes.

All you have to do is handwrite a letter for her sending your best wishes and send me a picture to evalarueofficial@gmail.com before December 23.

You can also post your letters in your profiles at social networks or send me them via inbox at @evalaruenet, @evalaruedotnet and @evalaruefanpage.

Thank you so much. ❤

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