Mar 2019
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Hospitality 21 made a blog post about Eva in honor of Women’s Day.

I first met Eva when Hospitality21 published an article on her perspectives on Hospitality. She has inspired so many working single mom’s that an affluent career is attainable while still managing the demands of motherhood. Amidst her busy acting career and demands as a full-time mother, she still manages to find time to write a lifestyle blog full of relatable posts encouraging moms to keep a sense of humor and insights on her favorite destinations.
As if those endeavors don’t keep her schedule fully booked, she is also the ambassador for the Tahirih Justice Center, an organization providing pro bono lawyers who fight for asylum for women fleeing gender-based violence. She is also on the Board of the Mona Foundation, supporting universal education and gender quality with education for girls, providing better communities for all. Eva has also recently started a series called “ParenTeen” on her YouTube channel. WOW! She is one busy momma!

My nickname is:

My name is pretty short, so I
never got a cool nickname.

First thing I do when I wake up is:

Pray/meditate -then coffee!

Can’t live without:


If I had one week to escape:

It would be to Tahiti.
If I only had $10 in my pocket:

I would spend it at Starbucks.

Everything tastes a little bit better with:



Eva LaRue’s YouTube Channel.

Hospitality 21 on Eva’s perspectives on hospitality.

Mona Foundation.

Big City Moms.

Tahirih Justice Center


Mar 2019
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Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Animal Tales is back today.

Here is a preview of today’s episode.

Mar 2019
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Actress Eva LaRue Talks about Animal and Human Rights with Amy Newmark.

You can listen the whole interview here.

Eva talked about the show and raising a teenager. Is a totally recommended interview.

Mar 2019
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Are you living in Spain? Well, if you are and need any recommendation for Saturday’s afternoon we have you covered. Antena 3 will broadcast “A Walks Amongst Us” at 4PM.

The multiplex of Antena 3: police plot in ‘A Killer Walks Amongst Us’

Saturday March 9, at 16.00, on Antena 3 – The actress of ‘C.S.I .: Miami’ Eva LaRue recovers her detective skills in this thriller in which the killer’s hunt depends on her.

Antena 3 proposes to suspend the siesta with a fast-paced story that includes a complex police investigation and a crime. On the afternoon of Saturday, March 2 (4:00 pm) we will take out the detective we have inside with The Killer is among us (A Killer Walks Amongst Us).

Even though Karen Ellison is a young woman she is already retired from the FBI, an honorable exit that the agency offered her taking into account the services rendered. An investigation that ended with the release of a murderer for lack of evidence, cost him an early retirement. Since then Karen feels guilty and tormented at the risk that the subject is on the street.

Over time, Karen embarks on a new life by settling with her family in a small town where tranquility is breathed. However, soon, a terrible event shakes her neighborhood. A teenager has been brutally murdered in her neighborhood and local police don’t hesitate to resort to her to solve the crime. Ellison reluctantly accepts and begins to work with his new partner in this investigation, Simon Jury, an awake but untried detective.

After discarding his first suspect, the real murderer starts a dangerous game with the former FBI agent. The case is further complicated by the appearance of the body of a new victim. The afternoon promises high voltage moments like this (Attention: SPOILER!):

This thriller is starring Eva LaRue, who returns to her role as a detective after her well-known role as the researcher Natalia Boa Vista in C.S.I .: Miami. The American actress had also participated, with remarkable success, in the series All My Children.

At her side, Michael Welch, who also went through CSI: Miami, although with an episodic character, we can remind him for his role as Mike Newton in the Twilight saga, the friend of Bella (who is secretly in love with her) and his Mack Thompson in Z Nation.
The killer is among us (A Killer Walks Amongst Us)

USA, 2016. Director: Michael Feifer.
Int .: Eva LaRue, Ashley Scott, Michael Welch, Dominic Keating, Brian McGovern, Brock Burnett, Caia Coley, Casey Johnson.

If you are overseas but want to watch it dubbed in Spanish you can use this stream.

Mar 2019
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Eva attended yesterday night the “Biggest Baby Shower” event in LA and joined the fun as moderator of the panel.

What’s the “Biggest Baby Shower”?

Expecting? Just had a baby? The Biggest Baby Shower Ever is the country’s largest and original event series for expecting and new parents. Don’t miss out on testing the latest gear, learning from the experts, meeting other new and soon-to-be parents in your area, and going home with the latest products on the market.

Speak face to face with top baby gear brands and try out the latest products before buying them.

Special one night only deals from Big City Moms local retailer partners – Be prepared to shop!

Learn from top parenting experts across the country, including healthcare professionals, nutrition experts, and babywearing gurus through our seminar series, open to all attendees.

Make new friends! Our events attract thousands of people going through exactly what you are, therefore is a great way to forge new relationships with others in your area.

Big City Moms and our partners have worked hard to make sure you have a fun-filled evening of product sampling, education, activities and prizes with your partner and the entire Big City Moms community!

You can check Eva’s Instagram Live bellow:



Feb 2019
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Eva LaRue is the host of the Chicken Soup For The Soul’s Animal Tales show, which airs in the United States on The CW channel . Eva was also an interpreter of the CSI series: Miami, in the role of detective Natalia Boa Vista. For his interpretation in La valle dei pini he received an Emmy Award nomination.

How do you choose the stories to tell about Chicken Soup For The Soul’s Animal Tales?

We have wonderful producers looking for some of the most interesting stories about animals and people and the synergy between the two. We show fantastic animals that are doing extraordinary things, such as assisting people with health problems, and we also have stories of men and women who help save endangered animals. There is a lot of work behind every episode, to bring very stimulating stories to the public.

What is the preparation process for each episode?

The teams are sent to carry out the interviews, document and capture the events we want to show. When producers feel they have a complete story, this is dealt with and included in the show. For my part, I record all my material in one set. I present the show and all the segments for the public.

Are you a lover of animals?

I am a great lover of animals. At the moment I have two rescue dogs, and I’ve always had them in my life. As a child I grew up in a rural suburb where I owned and rode horses for fun and competition. As a travel enthusiast, a couple of years ago my daughter and I went to Thailand and rode some elephants. They are such beautiful creatures. I love all animals and I understand that it is our responsibility to protect them and preserve them for future generations.

You have acted in CSI: Miami. Looking back, how was this experience for you?

CSI: Miami was one of the greatest gifts for my career. I had just divorced and ended a long career with All My Children , and moved from New York to Los Angeles without work. CSI: Miami has literally landed on my knees. It brought me great stability and catapulted my career. The cast and crew were fantastic and I miss working on that show every day. It was certainly one of the highlights of my professional life.

At the beginning of your career, you worked on Remembrance, based on the bestselling book by Danielle Steele. Are you a fan of your novels?

I can not say I’m a big fan of Danielle Steele, but I read Remembrance and loved it because it was a historical fiction. I love vintage novels and historical fiction. This book and the film obviously take place immediately after the Second World War, when the royals and privileged classes in Europe were losing positions and power. It was a disturbing moment, but at the same time it is so fascinating and interesting.

You have European origins. Have you ever visited Italy?

I have been in Italy many times and I have visited the whole peninsula. Some of my favorite places are Venice, Milan, Florence, Rome, La Costiera Amalfitana and there would be too many to count. One of my favorite places ever is Tuscany. I really want to rent a house in Tuscany one day and spend a long time simply leaving the house and enjoying the countryside, as well as the extraordinary and rich culture.

What is your next project?

I am currently in the process of making a show of my own. I am working with my production partners and we are presenting our show to various production companies, studios and networks. So far, there seems to be a genuine interest. I’m also having fun making videos for my new internet series, “Paren Teen”. You can find it on my Youtube channel Eva La Rue. I address problems that concern parents with a humorous approach in trying to make other parents understand that they are not alone. All parents must remain united and support each other as they laugh face life.

*The original article is in Italian. Translation made by Sarah.


Feb 2019
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You ever met someone and it feels like you have been knowing them for years? That’s how it was talking with Eva LaRue. It doesn’t seem fair to call it an interview. Aside from our mutual love for All My Children, we also have kids who will be headed off to college soon. Eva and I talked All My Children, kids, travel, CSI: Miami and her new show on the CW Network Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Animal Tales.

Eva is from a small horse town in California, Norco. Norco’s theory is if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. They have kept their Old Pony Express Stop the same for years. They still have a huge rodeo every year. And they still have horse trails for sidewalks. Love it.

Eva’s first love wasn’t acting. It was dancing. She started ballerina classes at the age of four. Growing up she dabbled in theater, singing and acting (booked her first commercial at 6). But the little ballerina’s heart belonged to her tutu, ballerina slippers and toe shoes. But then came high school where she was cast in the Dinner Theater version of West Side Story. Things changed. Her role in West Side Story gave Eva the chance to combine her singing, acting and dancing talents. Eva had a new love, acting. And it was full steam ahead.

Eva’s big break was our All My Children. Now that’s a big break! Eva describes the experience as an “amazing training ground”. As we know actors who work on soaps work hard. Eva’s experience was no different. It was awesome yet intense for Eva with “a mind numbing amount of work to do.” For the next four years, Eva gifted us with the beautiful and smart Dr. Maria Santos (Grey), also one half of the supercouple Edmund and Maria.

Eva left All My Children in 1997 for the best reason of all; she had her daughter, Kaya, (such a beautiful name). Eva described that first year being away from All My Children as a “weird transition year emotionally, physically and psychologically.” Eva had been working in the non-stop world of soaps and didn’t realize how she had been going non-stop until she actually stopped.

So it’s not a surprise that a few years later when Eva was set to return to All My Children, she paused; all us working moms can absolutely relate. She knew what it would take to go back. Thankfully, Eva paused but returned. Whatever it took to go back, Eva gave it and then some. Eva and Dr. Maria were as fabulous as ever. Eva and Dr. Maria moved away from Pine Valley permanently in 2005 but did make a few guest appearances thereafter. Eva also appeared in one of the final episodes, of the television version, in September 2011.

Eva went from Pine Valley to Miami; CSI: Miami. For eight years Eva played Detective Natalia Boa Vista. She hit the jackpot again and landed at another great spot. “It was a really amazing experience and another great family of people. It was easier in a way than All My Children. But at the same time because there was so much science dialogue that it wasn’t that easy either. It was like speaking another language. It had its own difficulties.”

In 2013, All My Children and CSI: Miami both went off the air. “It was a sad end to everything.” But as they say, every cloud has a silver lining. Eva knew exactly what she wanted to do with all her free time. “I had been working since my daughter, Kaya, was a baby. For the first time, I had the opportunity to stay home with her. I’d always wanted to travel. The soap schedule is year round. There is no hiatus. You get a maximum of four weeks a year. But you can’t take them all together. You have to take them here and there. I suddenly had all this time. I’d always wanted to see the world. I felt like I missed so much time with my daughter when she was growing up. I just wanted it to be her and I. We embarked on a trip around the world.”

Indeed they did. Hopefully, you are better than me and can rise above jealousy lol. But I couldn’t help but be a little envious as I listened to some of the places Eva and Kaya have been; Thailand, Turkey, Africa, Panama, Italy and Croatia. Not jealous yet? Well, their bucket list includes going to see the gorillas in Rwanda and to visit Bali. Amazing.

You like me can turn all kinds of green with envy by checking out more of Eva and Kaya’s travel photos; follow Eva on Instagram @ImEvaLaRue and Kaya @topteentraveler.

Eva and Kaya embarked on another adventure together, their own YouTube Series; titled ParentTeen. It’s a very ambitious endeavor to do a series about teens with your teen. We wanted Eva to tell us all about it. “It’s been really fun. My daughter didn’t want to do it at all. You would think she would be the one who would want to do a YouTube Channel but not at all. I said Kaya ‘let’s just do this thing. If we make it funny and informative about things that you and I are dealing with, I think this could be really fun and funny.’ We have done seven episodes. We are going to pick it up in the New Year. Kaya is also thinking about doing her own podcast.”

We watched ParentTeen. It’s really cool. **Check it out yourself. Look up the Eva LaRue Channel first on YouTube then search ParentTeen.** Watch the trailer below.

Next, we discussed Eva’s new show, Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Animal Tales. The show premiered on Saturday, January 5, 2019, as a part of the CW’s Saturday morning line-up. Please allow Eva to give some background because we can’t ever get enough of stories where fate comes a calling. Listen. “I don’t normally watch Saturday morning television. But about two months ago, I had the TV on. I came across the Magnificent Mornings stretch of TV on the CW. I saw Chicken Soup for the Soul’s; Everyday Heros hosted by Brooke Burke Charvet. It was so awesome, inspirational and educational. It was people doing amazing things. I was hooked. I thought. This is really good TV. Why isn’t there more of this on during the week? Where have they been hiding these shows?”

Two months later, Eva gets a call from her agent that Chicken for the Soul is doing a spin-off of Everyday Heros just for animals because the animal shows were the highest rated of the series. And yes they wanted Eva to host it. Smart people. Eva was so on board for several reasons. “It’s great TV. It’s the kind of thing that Kaya and I can watch together. It inspires both of us. And you can’t beat the schedule. We shot 18 episodes, a full season, in three days which frees me up to do other things. We love animals. I grew up with horses, goats, dogs, cats. It’s exciting and I just love being a part of it. I was thrilled to do it.”

We asked Eva what were some of the highlights some things that stood out in the first season. This story will blow you away. Listen. “We feature a dog that has saved a boy, with a severe condition, who is too young to communicate to his parents when he is feeling like his blood sugar is too low or too high. The dog has been trained to stay by the kid’s side and to smell when the boy’s blood sugar is too low or too high. When the young boy’s sugar is too low (he needs something immediately i.e. a shot) the dog runs over to the mom and lies down. And when the dog runs over to the mom and barks that means the blood sugar is too high and it needs to be regulated.”

Isn’t that incredible?! Eva told us the entire first season is full of stories like these. It’s full of “incredible people doing amazing things for animals and incredible animals doing amazing things for people.” Eva sees the show as something even more. “It connects us in a deeper way in a bigger way to other people, stories, solutions, miracles and things that we don’t know exist. But when we know they exist it makes us all better. Just knowing that it exists in the world makes things better.”

One of my favorite parts of the “interview” is when Eva and I went off topic and talked about any mom’s favorite topic, their kids. As we mentioned earlier, our kids are leaving for college soon. We have been having similar conversations with them about their future. We’ve discussed it’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out right now. All you have to do right now is to start.

Eva shared a few life lesson nuggets that I have already shared with my sons. “Focus on stringing one pearl at a time and eventually it will be a necklace. You can’t see the necklace now but just string one pearl at a time and in the future, it will all make sense. You can only tell the story backwards. You can’t tell it forwards.” Love love love love it.

Eva has only continued to ascend since her big break as Dr. Maria Santos (Grey) and of course, we couldn’t be happier for her. But Dr. Maria will always be near and dear to our hearts. CSI: Miami was the most watched show in the world. But here in the USA guess what Eva is most known for? Yep, more people know, recognize and approach Eva as Dr. Maria Santos. Eva says, “Dr. Maria is always first then comes oh yeah, CSI.” Of course, soaps rule.

Make sure and check out Eva’s Instagram @ImEvaLaRue and Kaya @topteentraveler for those amazing travel photos, her ParentTeen Series on the Eva LaRue YouTube and watch Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Animal Tales on the CW on Saturday mornings.

Eva’s message to her fans; “Thank you for having the same enduring love for All My Children that I have.”


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Exclusive Preview of Rehabilitation, Rescue, and Service! from Litton Entertainment on Vimeo.

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Exclusive Preview of A Friend for Life! from Litton Entertainment on Vimeo.

Feb 2019
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Eva LaRue covers the February 11th issue of Soap Opera Digest.

We adeed the digital scans in our gallery at the link bellow.

In the inside pages she talks sbout return to TV, All My Children and the Halloween reboot made with Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest.


Magazines & covers > 2019 > Soap Opera Digest – February 11, 2019

About Eva
Eva Maria LaRuy (later La Rue) was born and raised in Southern California. The oldest of three children, La Rue’s exotic beauty and vaguely indeterminate ethnicity were the result of a potpourri mixture of Puerto Rican, Dutch, Scottish, and French ancestry. La Rue began her acting career at the tender age of six, appearing in commercials. After graduating from Norco Senior High School in 1985, she began modeling. Appearing in a number of print ads and catalogs, La Rue’s sultry good looks and curvaceous figure eventually landed her a contract with the famed lingerie label, Frederick’s of Hollywood. Wishing to branch out into acting, La Rue began auditioning for soap operas in the early 1990s. Her big break came in 1993 when she was cast in the role of resident good girl, Dr. Maria Santos Grey, on the long-running daytime soap “All My Children” (ABC, 1970-2011). Though La Rue’s character was originally not intended for a long stay in Pine Valley, her performance won over scores of fans and quickly made her one of the most popular regulars on the show.
Current Projects
Chicken Soup for the Soul's Animal Tales
Herself (Host)   Since January 2019
Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Animal Tales centers around our love for animals and the impact they have on our lives. Each episode uncovers stories about amazing and inspiring people from around the world who go above and beyond to care for, love, help, and defend animals everywhere. Viewers will meet animal rescue teams and dedicated animal advocates helping lost pets find forever homes, and even meet some of the incredible pets serving and assisting people in need, including military K9s and therapy animals. Chicken Soup for the Soul’s Animal Tales will teach viewers to honor the unconditional bond between people and their pets, and how animals change lives. Viewers will learn some of the responsibilities that come with caring for our four-legged friends.
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Orphan Horse
Marta Jenkins   2018
A young runaway girl hides out in the barn of a retired horse trainer and forms a bond with his troubled filly. .
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