7 September 2018News, Videos

TweetEva uploaded the second part of her new YouTube series: “Teens and driving.” If you have a teen that’s learning to drive you know exactly how I’m feeling right now. 43% of 16 year old drivers get in a car accident. Those are the statistics, and 37% of second year drivers get in accidents. Striking fear in the hearts of parents everywhere since the invention of the Model T, the

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7 September 2018News, Videos

TweetOur girl is back with a new series about “parenteen” in her channel. This time is the topic is driving! So, I’m at a party a couple of months ago and a mom that I’m talking to who’s got kids that go to school way on the other side of town talking about how my daughter’s got her learner’s permit and she’s gonna be getting her driver’s license soon, and

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6 September 2018News, Videos

TweetEva posted a new video in her YouTube channel. Hi! I’m Eva LaRue. Mom, actress, travel junkie, pretty much in that order and I’ve been dragging my daughter Kaya with me around the globe for a bunch of years now and we’ve had an opportunity on all those adventures to really create a cool bond and communication and so I thought I would start a YouTube series called parenteen, get

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29 August 2018News, Videos

TweetThe company Family Film Productions is doing a online petition in order to complete a documentary about The Parent Trap, here is what the owner of the company said in the page where he created the online bid. Donate and become part of the history of Walt Disney Pictures’ The Parent Trap! Why are we producing a documentary on “The Parent Trap”? Stories of old Hollywood, and classic films like,

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27 August 2018Interviews, Videos

TweetEva was today on The Polished Woman with Jessica Bunevacz talking about her role in Circle 4 Parents, parenting as a single mom and her blog at Dot Luxury in a 25 minutes interview with Jessica Bunevacz as guest and Melissa Beaton as co-host. You can replay the interview in their Facebook live. "Polished Woman" returns with another episode, this time about surviving being a single mom and raising teenagers.

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21 August 2018Videos

TweetEva LaRue put up a new video in her parenTEEN YouTube channel featuring Kaya and Kayin, Lara’s eldest daughter. Sometimes, the easiest way to deal with those uncomfortable or awkward discussions with your children is to use a little humor! Humor and honesty go a long way when it comes to talking with your teens about sex. Eva LaRue found an uncensored, but funny book to help start the conversation.

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12 August 2018Appearances, News, Videos

TweetOn Saturday, August 11th Eva was invited to the Big City Moms biggest baby shower, which had her best friend and fellow partner in All My Children, Sarah Michelle Gellar, as host. We have some video updates via Eva herself, Sarah and also Circle4Parents. Sarah Michelle Gellar via Instagram from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo. Sarah Michelle Gellar via Instagram from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo. Eva LaRue via Instagram from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo.

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10 August 2018News, Videos

TweetEva launched a new project about parenting teens in her YouTube channel. In the first two videos she has shared some funny stories and talks about one of the most important topics: sex. How to talk to your kids about sex and mostly important, why all parents should do it? Lara and Eva shares needed information about it and also stadistics which are mostly shocked. You should check her videos

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2 August 2018Interviews, News, Videos

TweetEva gave a new interview on August 1st with Catherine Grey. She’s passionate about telling stories of amazing women who are rocking the world and empowering women to live love and thrive. Here’s your host Katherine Gray, welcome to love thrive women’s empowerment hour brought to you by 360 karma. We hope you’re joining the conversation on Facebook and also of course following us on Twitter and Instagram at my

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14 June 2018Appearances, Interviews, News, Travels, Videos

TweetEva gave a new interview to In Magazin for the Croatian channel Nova TV and she was very open about different topics. The first questions were obviously her experience coming back to Croatia: At the begining of the interview we listen to the introduction in Croatian at the time we see the location and the interviewer right next to Eva. Eva, welcome back to Croatia, or with the CSI language,

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