Tuesday 13 ’s ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers

News from Papa Rosales

Finally, Lola (Sasha Calle) avoids an invitation. Her dad, Adrian, sends her a letter with some bombshell news. Celeste (Eva LaRue) decides not to reunite with Adrian, and both Lola and Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) are relieved to know that their mother decides not to get back together with their father. However, Lola still worries about shutting him out. Lola wants Celeste to return for the wedding, and according to The Inquisitr, Jack (Peter Bergman) is on a mission to get her back to Genoa City in time.

Even more than worrying about her parents, though, Lola finds herself getting a case of cold feet. Lola finds herself baking up a storm out of nervousness over her upcoming wedding. While she’s confident in all of Kyle’s (Michael Mealor) planning, she’s still stressed out about the big day.

At the apartment, Rey notes Lola’s baking because she’s nervous. Lola denies having cold feet, but concedes she’s baking to calm herself down. Rey marvels she let Kyle plan everything. Lola has total faith in him. She gushes about their upcoming honeymoon in Samoa and Rey’s pleased for her. They embrace. Talk turns to Celeste not coming to the wedding. Rey feels responsible and thinks she could change her mind. Lola reveals Jack intends to try to reach her. Rey worries she’ll bring Adrian as her plus one. Rey and Lola read the letter. Just then, Lola discovers she’s received a letter from their father – it contains well wishes on her wedding and news that he and Celeste decided not to reconcile. He accepts she doesn’t want him to walk her down the aisle, though it would give him great joy to be there. Lola’s tearful; she doesn’t know what to do with this. Rey reads it and thinks Adrian has a lot of nerve. Lola worries about shutting him out; she knows how that feels. Rey says it’s her wedding and up to her


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