7 September 2018News, Videos

Eva uploaded the second part of her new YouTube series: “Teens and driving.”

If you have a teen that’s learning to drive you know exactly how I’m feeling right now.

43% of 16 year old drivers get in a car accident. Those are the statistics, and 37% of second year drivers get in accidents.

Striking fear in the hearts of parents everywhere since the invention of the Model T, the teen driver’s license test. Why do none of the parenting books cover this fresh feeling? Where was this chapter? And what to expect when you’re expecting? I’m secretly, this is terrible, but I secretly hope by this work you’re gonna kill me for that button because a mere four months earlier this happened in our own driveway and defying all odds she passed there did it so genuinely excited for her, a year supply of xanax for me.

So when I did pass and it was a shock to her and me, I went to go take my photo and I just like smiled, like blankly and basically when I spawn blankly my mom was like “oh my god ky you look you look so ridiculous like at least smile” and I started laughing and they caught mid laughs so this is my permit photo and my future license photo and the guy didn’t change it and so this is gonna be the greatest photo when I get pulled over no one’s gonna give me a ticket with this face.

How good, yeah, so how do we increase our teen drivers success rate? Well, first of all, driving is a privilege, it’s not a right, so we look at each individual kid, we gauge their responsibility level, their skill level and then we decide if we’re gonna let them go out on the road by themselves. If not, we’ve got these great things called Lyft and Uber, and guess what? They’re a lot cheaper than buying a car and getting insurance for your 16 year old. Also fact, more advanced instruction hours decreases accidents by five percent, so pay the extra money and make sure that your teen is safe.

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