Have you ever wondered who runs the only official fansite on Eva LaRue?

If this was a fairytale this would start like this:

Once upon a time, in the beautiful kingdom of Boston a redhaired princess was born. Her parents named her…

But this is not a fairytale, this is real life.😜

My name is Sarah Jean Taryn. I was born on February 3rd, 1993 in Boston, MA to Italian-American parents. I currently live in Italy.

I love to cook, read, travel and storytelling (now I stopped but one of my “for a living”) jobs was babysitting children and to entertain them I used to imagine stories as I talked to them.

Getting more personal about me:

I’ve been dealing with an eating disorder for 10 years. Bellow is a text I shared recently via Instagram.

Why didn’t I open before? Honestly, I don’t really know. Is no shame or anything, I could “help” someone, maybe.

My health issue is a related to bullimia. I’ve had it since I was 15 years old, I’m 25 years now.

Back then I loved to take pictures of myself and allow my biggest sister to do photoshoots of me. I opened a portafolio in ModelMayhem and used to post my photos there. I was contacted by some photographers to work with them but never accepted, why? Because I looked in their portafolio and saw girls ultra photoshopped in their portafolios, I checked the profiles of some of those girls and the pictures taken by other photographers were so different to the ones taken by the ones who contacted me. Somehow my mind started to send me the concept of “you need to get a body like the one those photographers who book you show.” I stopped to eat like I used to and at some point starved myself to get a body like that, even when I knew it was product of photoshop, and I started to have health issues.

When I opened the fansite for @imevalarue I decided to slow down on my “dream” of becoming a model, at that point I wanted to become a lawyer, I guess Aly McBeal has somehow some fault. I stopped posting in my ModelMayhem page and after the fansite turned 3 years I decided to closed it, also because another girl I met from there told me about her experience with a photographer in that community. I closed it and when I forgot about my lame dream of become a model all was good. This year I started to travel inspired in my IDOL and I regret nothing, but my routine changed and it affected my health again. I came back from one my trips to Montenegro, my first time there because I got a stomach flu and then came back when I was recovered. Few weeks ago I got sick again, I felt so weak, tired after doing nothing and I noticed that is all related to this.

Boys and girls;

Never check pictures highly retouched and tell yourself “I want to look like this” because I’m sorry to break your reality but you’ll never look like that. Do you want to know why? Because Photoshop did that.

Work out if you want, eat healthy if you want but don’t put your live in risk because of what you see. LIVE, AND LOVE YOURSELF.

Thank you for reading this, Sarah.👯

How did you decide to open your site?

I grew up with an Italian mother obsessed with soap operas and one of her faves is All My Children. She always watched the episodes and sometimes I used to join her, but it wasn’t till I paid to attention to re runs that I discovered Eva. Then I watched her in CSI:Miami and she became my absolute crush.

In 2011 I decides to open this site under the name of evalarue.fanzoom.net which was hacked as well as evalarue.webs.com but then we came back under evalarue.fan.pw thanks to FreeFansiteHosting

What do you do for a living?

I’m finishing online my laws studies which I left in the last year. I’m currently trying to get a job, but is hard.

Thank you so much for checking this site for your updates on Eva!

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