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This Friday Discover Luxury and Eva herself announce their partnership. Eva will be bloggin’ in the website of Discover Luxury about her travels and we will can see her first post this Monday.


They published a short interview with her as introduction. Check it out here.

We are pleased to announce our newest .LUXURY ambassador, A=actress Eva LaRue. Eva will share her exciting luxury travel experiences and adventures on our blog, Discover.luxury.

Eva has a passion for luxury and travel. From the Americas to Africa and all the journeys between, she has traveled the globe looking to experience the best sights, sounds and tastes the world has to offer.

Long known and respected as an actor for her portrayal as the brilliant Natalia Boa Vista on the CBS series CSI: Miami, Eva also has earned an Emmy nomination and NAACP nomination for her long running portrayal of Dr. Maria Santos on the popular ABC daytime drama All My Children, where she played the quintessential heroine. She had roles in Hallmark’s Help For The Holidays, Lifetime’s Cries in the Dark, The George Lopez Show, Third Watch and several other notable works.

We asked Eva a few questions about luxury. Not surprisingly, Eva’s favorite luxury splurges include travel-related brands such as Aman Resorts, Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton Reserve, Oberoi, Auberge, Relais & Chateau and other fine hotels and resorts.

Dot Luxury: What was the first luxury item you owned?

EVA: A Tiffany watch that I bought as a reward to myself 6 months into having my first job on the soap opera Santa Barbara. Within weeks I got fired, but it started my habit of buying myself a luxury souvenir with every new job. I can still look at all my luxury “rewards” and remember exactly what show I was working on at the time I bought them.

Dot Luxury: What does luxury mean to you?

EVA: To me, Luxury means a gift to myself; and the most precious gift to myself is the luxury of time. It’s the time to feel special, whether it’s “investing” in a great pair of shoes, or making myself slow down to take the time to indulge at the spa, or a fantastic, trip that feeds my soul and senses, or time for an ice-cream and movie marathon on the couch with my daughter.

Dot Luxury: What’s your “must have” luxury item?

EVA: My must have luxury items are all the latest skin care goops, cremes and elixirs! I must have the equivalent to an elephant’s weight in gold in half used jars and bottles in my bathroom cabinets!

Dot Luxury: What is a daily luxury you enjoy?

EVA: My daily luxury is my Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. It’s my absolute fave, and I have to special order it at $38 a lb. Every time I re-order my finger hesitates over the “add to cart” button because I think its just a stupid amount of money for coffee! But as my bestie pointed out, it’s financially the same as going to Starbucks everyday- Sometimes all luxury needs is a good defense!

Dot Luxury: How do you think travel and luxury are tied together?

EVA: Travel, like luxury, is experiential, so to me, they are inextricably tied together like bread and butter! First off, it’s creating the luxury of time to put your regular life on hold and commit to seeing something new, different or beautiful. No matter your budget, we all tend to splurge on the luxury of tasty food and drinks, fun hotels and activities, and of course, shopping and souvenirs to round out the experience!

Eva currently lives in Los Angeles with her daughter Kaya and two dogs. You can keep up with more of her adventures on her website, EvaLaRue.Luxury.

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Yaaay!! Just partnered with someone who totally understands my globe-galloping #travel obsession! Excited to announce that I am the #luxurytravel Ambassador for @dotluxury and will be sharing some of my favorite trips and tips in a monthly guest post on their site discover.luxury. Tune in on Monday for my first post! #dotluxury #traveltips #brandambassador #vacation #oneplanet #journeysthatinspire

Una foto publicada por Eva LaRue (@imevalarue) el

Today on our blog, we are excited to introduce our #LuxuryTravel ambassador, actress and globetrotter @imevalarue! Known for her portrayal of strong women like Natalia Boa Vista on the hit show #CSIMiami, she will be sharing her favorite #luxury #travel destinations and experiences monthly on our blog at discover.luxury. Read more about her at the link in our profile! #LuxuryAmbassador #dotluxury #evalarue #brandambassador

Una foto publicada por .LUXURY (@dotluxury) el

Stay tuned for the new adventure of our girl!

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