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Our girl is back with a new series about “parenteen” in her channel. This time is the topic is driving!

So, I’m at a party a couple of months ago and a mom that I’m talking to who’s got kids that go to school way on the other side of town talking about how my daughter’s got her learner’s permit and she’s gonna be getting her driver’s license soon, and she goes “oh my gosh! I heard the funniest story about this teen girl in the valley who drove her mom’s Range Rover through the living room”.

It all started when I let Kaya drive home from school, which is sounds easy, but it’s a bit hairy. It’s about five miles away and she was doing a really great job and I was really proud of her, and I’m sitting in the passenger seat trying to stay calm, trying to breathe my breathing exercises and my best exercises.

And it was the first time my mom had let me drive home from school and I was really excited, and I was doing great, I was nervous but I was doing great.

It wasn’t that bad.

We get all the way home, she pulls into the driveway and I start pulling up, pulling up, and I was like I stopped “no no no no go closer go closer” and I’m like all right, but I’m ready like pretty close, just pull it up, just a little bit closer to the house so the other cars can get around you.

All I said she goes she is yeah okay ah… I was really calmed by the way, I was like you know, just just ease it up to the house and she jumps on the gas and slams it through the living room and we were both like stunned.

When I hit the wall was like, and I got out of the car and she was like oh my god oh my god oh my god!

It could have been way worse. There was no dents or anything, but there were a lot of scratches I think I handled it actually pretty well as she’s just like blank staring at the wall.

And I was like oh my gosh! I was so sorry I got so scared, like I’m so sorry!

She’s just kind of like staring and she starts laughing and she full-on starts laughing, and I’m like oh my god, this is when I die.

I’m like this is every horror movie where I die, I was just so in shock that I had a laughing fit a total laughing fit. And at that point, Kaya like kicks the bumper with her foot and the entire bumper falls off so the bumper was broken we look at the wall and the wall is actually not that bad, thank goodness! We hit the wall underneath the big bay window and so it looked like it was just a little bit cracked and then we’re gonna have some plaster issues but that was it. Okay, if the outside doesn’t look this bad like I wonder what the inside looks like and the walls just bent and broken a little bit, so then for the next couple months every time family came in it was a mini tour. It was like, “hey! Want to see the house? Mostly, do you want to just see where Kaya hit the wall?

That was fun, and I don’t think anyone’s gonna ever forget that or let that go, so I needed it a new wall, and a new bumper, and a new team. Don’t forget to subscribe, pretty please with hot fudge on top!

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