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Eva gave a new interview to In Magazin for the Croatian channel Nova TV and she was very open about different topics.

The first questions were obviously her experience coming back to Croatia:

At the begining of the interview we listen to the introduction in Croatian at the time we see the location and the interviewer right next to Eva.

Eva, welcome back to Croatia, or with the CSI language, welcome back to the crime scene.

Thank you, it seems to be clean right now.

So as we always like to hear when somebody is you know delighted with Croatia, I read you said that the sunset insider was of you to slow their worldly.

Yeah, just, I mean stunning, and every little island is different and unique. The one thing they all have in common is at how pristine Lea clean, pristine like you could eat off the street. Everybody is so kind and so nice and so welcoming and so gracious.

It’s really it’s been an incredible experience.

You said that besides bringing home the sunset in Zadar you would also bring a Croatian man. They’re charming, right?

The croatian men are so hot. I went home and I said to my girlfriends I was like you cannot believe I got, well you know first of all,
my daughter and I landed last year in Split right and we get picked up by the owner of he’s just gorgeous and he came with his girlfriend, of course, but who is lovely but my daughter pokes me.

And you didn’t leave the airport.

Yeah, we didn’t even left the airport and there were ten beautiful Croatian men, and she was like “I’m gonna like it here.”

And this alone free?


What happens in Croatia stays in Croatia.

I like that.

Did you get to learn any of Croatian?

Not much, I haven’t. Here’s the problem. whenever I learned some Croatian, I’ve also been
drinking too much wine so I don’t remember what I’ve learned, so what I’m gonna have do is have some beautiful Croatian man give me an actual Croatian lesson yes, and then I will remember.

After talking about her trip and Croats the interviewer asked about Eva’s marriages and dished about her personal life:

You were married three times,are you seeing anybody right now?

Like, I know in this years we know what we want
but if you exactly know what you don’t want.

Exactly, and I’m calling myself a
marriage gangster, okay? Yeah! Since I’ve been married many times.

Would you marry a fourth time? You would.

I mean, I’m a romantic at heart, so you know,  I would definitely leave myself open to possibility, but I love being a partner.

I love being somebody’s partner. It’ll be interesting to see who it is.

Maybe a Croat?


You never know.

No, and you know what? I wouldn’t mind living here.

On the same interview Eva remembered her story as victim of sexual harassment with Steven Seagal and commented why all the women and men are coming out now and why it is important they’re doing it:

“Now he’s being sued for rape by several women.

You’ve got to walk away?

He called you for a role in his room with all the people in it. He was in a kimono and he flashed you.

Yeah, he started to take his kimono off. He had nothing under his kimono. No underpants.

How does a 22 years old girl feel?

Wrecked out because like the door was locked.

He had locked the door, I didn’t see him lock the door because when I walked into the room I had my back to him.

I was walking into the room and he locked it quickly, so when he he said oh sit on the couch
have a seat on the couch and I went to go sit on the couch and I as I turned to sit down he was coming towards me taking his kimono off, I was like, oh my god, so I jumped up off the couch and I like you know, like ran past him to the door and he’s like “no no no, don’t go, no no no.”

I’m just said just stay and I went to
open the door, and then I realized, oh my god he locked the door, but luckily he locked it from the inside so it wasn’t like, I you know so I was just fumbling.

With it fumbling, you know like, yeah, and use like no no no don’t go don’t go, and I said, I have to go, I have another audition. I’ve got to get out.

Thanks God he let you go out.

Yeah cause he’s a big guy and he’s a martial arts you know.

whatever, whatever, yeah I told everybody
I knew from the time it happened, nobody
cared. I got in my car, we didn’t have cellphones then. I named my car, got to my
house, called my agent, called my manager, called my publicist, called my girlfriend,called my mother, called everybody I knew and told them the story and since I was 22 I’ve told anybody who would listen the
story. And what did you know what an
idiot this guy is and what a dangerous
person, and everybody you know, they live
what were they gonna do? There was nothing to be done no one was going to stop him.

So all these women have been telling their stories all this time, is not a “oh, why she’s saying it now”, no, she’s been, they’ve been saying it, just no one listened until now, and that’s unfortunate. I mean it’s fortunate that
finally but.

Good of you. Thank you for this conversation.

Thank you.”

I made the translation myself after listening the video few times but there could be mistakes so I apologize in advice.

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