22 August 2017Site News

Today is the big day! On 08/22/11 I decided to open this fansite about Eva.

It wasn’t easy because I was newbie on the fansite world and I was afraid of the things bad.

I created the site and I received the approval of Eva herself to become her official fansite, I was really shocking because totally unexpected.

A months creating it I decided to move to a better host than webs.com but it was one of the worse things I ever did. The site was hacked and the host didn’t help me to recover so I had to start everything. I started with this host and since then I couldn’t be happier.

In 6 years I met incredible people who helped me and made this even better.

I want to thank Eva herself for all her love, her time for answer on the social networks and for supporting and trusting us since the first day.

I want to thank Layla for help me with the social networks and the site before having her baby. You’ll always be welcome back.

Thanks to Veronica for being so helpful, sweet and important in my life.

Thanks to Emily for the hardwork you put managing our Instagram account.

Thanks to Lara LaRue for being so supportive. Thank you for your love to the site.

Thanks to Jojo & Dani, my girls, for being there always.

And lastly but no less important thanks to each and everyone of the persons who always interact with us in our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

I hope those are the first 6 years of many more. I love you guys.❤

You can follow us in our social networks:






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