Celeste Rosales returns to Miami – Y&R spoilers

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Celeste Rosales (Eva LaRue) has made two trips to Genoa City, Wisconsin, on ‘The Young and the Restless’. But her second flight back home to Miami, Florida, may not prove to be the last fans see of this new and engaging character.

The daytime veteran added her well-established entertainment resume, which included many nighttime gigs, and a fresh alter ego to this iconic steamer. Celeste became the next Rosales family member viewers met. She was well received due to LaRue’s acting chops and the potential this character offers.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Rey Rosales Needs His Mother.

Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso) and Lola Abbott (Sasha Calle) have done well since moving to GC. But there were many instances where they would have benefited from their mother’s advice, which is true of all children around the soapy world.

Having endured the full end of his marriage to Mia Rosales (Naomi Gonzalez) and the combined betrayal of Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) didn’t break Rey. But he needs support now that he’s alone. Motherly wisdom, which would include Celeste’s own marital strike experiences with Adrian Rosales (Jay Montalvo), would be helpful to Rey as he moves forward.

As for Lola, she and her mom had some disagreements prior to the wedding, which caused Celeste’s initial return to Florida. However, they settled their differences and share a warm bond that endures.

Y&R Spoilers – Lola Abbott Remains Close With Her Mom.

‘Kola’ easily ranks as Y&R’s most endearing couple. The nuptial ceremony and honeymoon Kyle Abbott (Michael Mealor) prepared for his now-wife were wonderful. Adding to them was Jack Abbott’s (Peter Bergman) best gift, having convinced Celeste to fly from Miami to GC for the wedding.

Not only did Lola want her mother to be there on that most special day, Celeste deserved to be there as well. All that she sacrificed and endured, in raising her children alone for so many years matters, was then rewarded with a most memorable event.

The present and future of Lola’s life looks bright. Along with her husband and burgeoning career will likely come a ‘Kola’ baby, though Calle’s character said that wouldn’t happen for a while. However, that matter can pleasantly surprise young couples.

Young and the Restless Spoilers – Adrian Korbal Again, Or Jeleste?

Adrian is still in Celeste’s system. He’s charismatic, but also an obvious trouble-maker, as his offer to physically fight Rey at Crimson Lights demonstrated.

Celeste recently advised that she’d renewed her connection to her still-husband. Then, she reversed course and said that Adrian was out of her life. So, this marriage remains unstable. A different romantic option, being Jack, surely awaits Celeste’s next return to GC.

Based on current buzz, LaRue is back on the set recording episodes and could be signing a contract with Y&R soon, which is great news. The fans and characters want Celeste to return and then stay indefinitely.