Eva LaRue Official Fansite’s Eighth Anniversary – Sarah’s Open Letter

“8 years have passed so fast for me. I met people as I figured out how to run a fansite. I lost some of those, I felt in love, I aged but something never changed; myself. I’m still the same redhaired from Boston who was raised by a working housewive from Italy who moved in the search of the American Dream and found love in a hurtful way. I’m the girl who became a lawyer to find others, who like my mother, were hurted, scammed and thrown down many times and offered them her help and protection.

During this process I found Eva as a kid watching All My Children and later on CSI: Miami. I decided to open the site because I wanted to share my love for this woman and I gained a new friend with her. I met Freja during a trip she did to Italy and we became more than friends, when that didn’t work we kept a loyalty and I decided to ask her to protect this baby with me until we couldn’t raise it anymore.

Thank you for reading this open letter.

Happy Anniversary Eva LaRue Official Fansite!

Eva LaRue Official Fansite 8th Anniversary

In 1 week we will celebrate our 8th anniversary online. It’s crazy right! I have so many things in my mind and unsure how to express it.

The first years were extremely hard, not only because of what it supposes to be; a beginning, but because it was one girl only, with a busy schedule and no prior experience on fansites.

I met so many people who happily helped me and I want to thank them. Now I have Freja, who has been and will continue with me during this journey.

Thanks to everyone who checks our site for the latest news on Eva LaRue and thanks to Eva herself for her endless friendship and support.