Young And The Restless Spoilers – August 23


At Society, Celeste is visiting with Rey and Arturo, who’s due to leave for Miami.Arturo makes amends Young and Restless Arturo makes amends with Rey, who wants things to be right between them, but it will take time. Arturo hopes Rey finds someone who makes him happy. Rey concedes losing Sharon was painful, but he’ll be fine. He’s the big brother and doesn’t want Arturo worrying about him. “I’ll worry about you.” Celeste concludes they’re family, in good times and bad. Arturo hugs Rey before leaving.


Eva LaRue Official Fansite’s Eighth Anniversary – Sarah’s Open Letter

“8 years have passed so fast for me. I met people as I figured out how to run a fansite. I lost some of those, I felt in love, I aged but something never changed; myself. I’m still the same redhaired from Boston who was raised by a working housewive from Italy who moved in the search of the American Dream and found love in a hurtful way. I’m the girl who became a lawyer to find others, who like my mother, were hurted, scammed and thrown down many times and offered them her help and protection.

During this process I found Eva as a kid watching All My Children and later on CSI: Miami. I decided to open the site because I wanted to share my love for this woman and I gained a new friend with her. I met Freja during a trip she did to Italy and we became more than friends, when that didn’t work we kept a loyalty and I decided to ask her to protect this baby with me until we couldn’t raise it anymore.

Thank you for reading this open letter.

Happy Anniversary Eva LaRue Official Fansite!

Eva LaRue to attend The Celebrity Benefit at the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters

The Celebrity Benefit at the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters, the most star-studded night of the summer art season, will be held in Laguna Beach on Saturday, Aug. 24. This red carpet one-night affair will offer guests an evening of fine art, entertainment and a special Pageant of the Masters performance.

The event begins at 5 p.m. with a private viewing of the Festival of Arts Fine Art Show and red carpet arrivals walked by attending celebrities, including the evening’s Pageant host actor John O’Hurley. Other guest celebrities scheduled to appear are Jonathan Adams (Last Man Standing), Ginger Chan (KTLA 5), Shawn Christian (Days of our Lives), Kate Flannery (The Office), Robert Hays (Airplane!), Gregory Itzin (24), Eva LaRue (All My Children), Jerry Mathers (Leave it to Beaver), Joe Mantegna (Criminal Minds), Lea Thompson (Back to the Future), McKenzie Westmore (Face Off), Arianne Zucker (Days of our Lives) and many others.

The Festival of Arts Celebrity Benefit Night includes a concert by singer/songwriter Melissa Manchester and the Citrus College Blue Note Orchestra. Photo courtesy of Festival of Arts.
Guests will enjoy an intimate concert on the Festival green at 6 p.m., performed by Grammy-winning, Oscar-nominated singer/songwriter Melissa Manchester and the Citrus College Blue Note Orchestra. Manchester has recorded over 20 albums across her four-decade career, releasing her most recent album, The Fellas, in 2017.

After the concert show, award-winning actor, best-selling author and TV host John O’Hurley will draw the winning ticket for a 2019 Acura RDX ($38,295 value). This is the conclusion of a summer-long raffle. Raffle tickets will continue to be sold up until 8 p.m. that night: $5 for one ticket, $20 for five tickets (winning ticket holder need not be present to win).

Culminating the evening, guests will enjoy a performance of the 2019 Pageant of the Masters production of “The Time Machine,” introduced by the celebrity host John O’Hurley. O’Hurley won a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role as “J. Peterman” on Seinfeld. In 2012, he was awarded the Ellis Island Medal of Honor in recognition for his accomplishments in the Arts and Philanthropy.

Tickets are on sale now and range from $50–$240. There will be limited and open seating for Steve Tyrell’s performance and assigned seating for the Pageant of the Masters. To purchase tickets, go online to or call 1-800-487-3378.

For more information, call 949-494-1145 or visit The event is located at 650 Laguna Canyon Road. Proceeds support the arts and art education in and about Laguna Beach.

Jan Maarten Voskuil Exhibit Opens this Weekend.

An opening reception will be held from noon to 2 p.m. on Sunday, Aug. 18, at the Peter Blake Gallery, 435 Ocean Avenue, to kick off an exhibit of works by the Dutch artist Jan Maarten Voskuil.

An opening reception will be held on Aug. 18 at the Peter Blake Gallery to kick off an exhibit of works by Dutch artist Jan Maarten Voskuil. Photo courtesy of Peter Blake Gallery.
The abstract, wonkily geometric paintings-cum-sculptures are full of rigor and humor. His works are oriented on the circle and the rectangle, whose forms he alters and distorts using mathematical principles. These calculations guide the shape of his wooden frames, across which he stretches monochromatic canvases, presented singly or combined into multipart works. At once austerely minimal and exuberant, Voskuil’s compositions often appear to be in the process of shape-shifting—peeling off of the wall, stretching, or collapsing in on themselves—as if imbued with minds of their own.

Update on Eva’s upcoming project “City Limits”

IMDB has a new update about the project “City Limits”. Lastly updated on August 9th the release date is supposed to be next year.

Eva LaRue is casted as Lori.

The action is listed as drama, action and crime. The plot has been released.

A hundred million dollar empire and your life on the line, who can you trust. Chris’ world has turned upside down after the death of his father. when the unknown is trying to kill him and he can’t tell his friends from his enemies Chris will have to make a decision that may cost him everything even his life.

Other members of the cast include Ray Park as Brian Hull, John Amos as Urban, Bai Ling as Katrina, Tracy Scoggins as Candice Hunter, James Duval as Feodore, Barbara Nedeljakova as Diana, Tracy E. Bregman as Sophia, Lauren Mary Kim as Cynthia, Samantha Ivers as Vanessa, Ashley Gallegos as Veronica, Joe Torry as James, Mary O’Rourke as Gina Thorne, Kaleti Williams as Savage, Cesar D’ La Torre as Samuel, Marie Gibeault as Kat, Ingrid Sonray as Mary, Leny Rico as Myra, Paul Gunn as Keith, John Prudhont as Guard, Nakita Negrette as Waitress, Maximiliano Miranda as Johnny.

Other credits include.


Issac Caad.


Michael Lee Baron, Issac Caad, Lydia Cornell and Don Most.


Jackie Miclau, Aleksandar Zavisin


Dan Kneece.


Rolf Fleischmann.

Eva LaRue to attend The 13th annual Visionary Women Caregivers Luncheon

OC Register reports that Eva is set to speak at the upcoming Visionary Women Caregivers Luncheon.

The 13th annual Visionary Women Caregivers Luncheon, Alzheimer’s Orange County will recognize caregivers, both paid and unpaid, who live in the county and have shown extraordinary compassion in caring for someone who has Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia.

The guest speaker is advocate and philanthropist actress Eva LaRue of “All My Children” and “CSI: Miami” TV shows.

The luncheon will be held Thursday, Sept. 12, at Rancho Las Lomas at 19191 Lawrence Canyon in Silverado. Tables start at $2,500; VIP seats $250; individual seats $155.

Go to for more information.

Alzheimer’s Orange County is at 2515 McCabe, Suite 200, Irvine, 92614.


The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tuesday, August 20

Spoilers are listed below

Adrian enters Crimson Lights and admires Sharon. Rey appears and notices him flirting. Sharon gapes as Rey drags his dad to the patio. Rey wants to know what he’s still doing there and isn’t surprised to hear he’s out of work. He accuses Adrian of looking to cash in since Lola married into a rich family, and warns he’s not going to hurt this family again. They argue. Adrian asks Rey who he is to judge – his ex-wife’s having a baby with his brother. Rey is about to assault him when Celeste intervenes. After, Sharon asks if Rey’s okay. He says he’s fine and listens as Adrian tries unsuccessfully to talk Celeste into giving him another chance. After Adrian leaves, Rey hugs Celeste, who is sad her ex-husband will never find happiness. Talk turns to Sharon. Celeste assures Rey he’ll be happy one day.



Young and The Restless August 19, 2019 spoilers.

Y&R spoilers under this warning

First off, Rey Rosales (Jordi Vilasuso will learn from Celeste Rosales (Eva LaRue) that their dad, Adrian Rosales (Jay Montalvo) has crashed the wedding. Rey will spot Adrian and implore him to leave, but Adrian won’t budge without seeing Lola first. Arturo Rosales (Jason Canela) will then reveal himself and after the three bicker for a while, Rey and Arturo will decide to stall their father’s “reunion” with Lola for as long as possible.

Eventually, Lola will notice her family congregated in the dressing room, and she’ll walk in and see Adrian. He’ll smoothly tell her that he wanted to be there on her wedding day, and that he wants the heartache to end. Lola will talk to her dad alone, and after his appeal to her, she’ll decide that he can stay, but she’s not going to have this talk with him today.

The Young and the Restless head writer Josh Griffith puts it this way, “Celeste Rosales [Eva LaRue] worries that Adrian’s presence will cause major drama, so she makes the decision to keep his arrival a secret from Lola. Rey is furious that Adrian had crashed his sister’s wedding. He cannot believe that Adrian ignored Lola’s wishes and picked the most important day of her life as an opportunity to resurface and try to make amends with the family.”


Tuesday 13 ’s ‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers

News from Papa Rosales

Finally, Lola (Sasha Calle) avoids an invitation. Her dad, Adrian, sends her a letter with some bombshell news. Celeste (Eva LaRue) decides not to reunite with Adrian, and both Lola and Rey (Jordi Vilasuso) are relieved to know that their mother decides not to get back together with their father. However, Lola still worries about shutting him out. Lola wants Celeste to return for the wedding, and according to The Inquisitr, Jack (Peter Bergman) is on a mission to get her back to Genoa City in time.

Even more than worrying about her parents, though, Lola finds herself getting a case of cold feet. Lola finds herself baking up a storm out of nervousness over her upcoming wedding. While she’s confident in all of Kyle’s (Michael Mealor) planning, she’s still stressed out about the big day.

At the apartment, Rey notes Lola’s baking because she’s nervous. Lola denies having cold feet, but concedes she’s baking to calm herself down. Rey marvels she let Kyle plan everything. Lola has total faith in him. She gushes about their upcoming honeymoon in Samoa and Rey’s pleased for her. They embrace. Talk turns to Celeste not coming to the wedding. Rey feels responsible and thinks she could change her mind. Lola reveals Jack intends to try to reach her. Rey worries she’ll bring Adrian as her plus one. Rey and Lola read the letter. Just then, Lola discovers she’s received a letter from their father – it contains well wishes on her wedding and news that he and Celeste decided not to reconcile. He accepts she doesn’t want him to walk her down the aisle, though it would give him great joy to be there. Lola’s tearful; she doesn’t know what to do with this. Rey reads it and thinks Adrian has a lot of nerve. Lola worries about shutting him out; she knows how that feels. Rey says it’s her wedding and up to her


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New Cameo video shared by Eva LaRue

Hello everyone! It’s Sarah again, for a short time. I’m starting to work again next month since I finished my studies and will have a few time to pass here. Thankfully Freja will be updating, thank you again lady.

Eva uploaded on Friday, August 2nd a new video to her Cameo page from the guest room of CBS LA.