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Eva and Kaya attended on July 10th a new event. “Get on your feet” by Emilio & Gloria Estefan.

Una publicación compartida de Eva LaRue (@imevalarue) el




Jun 2018
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Eva’s birthday is on December 27 but our gift will come few days before the big day, do you want to join the project? Is easy, free and will only take a few minutes.

All you have to do is handwrite a letter for her sending your best wishes and send me a picture to evalarueofficial@gmail.com before December 23.

You can also post your letters in your profiles at social networks or send me them via inbox at @evalaruenet, @evalaruedotnet and @evalaruefanpage.

Thank you so much. ❤

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A new interview from Croatia has been published.

This time Eva talks about her best part of this trip that ends on June 20, CSI:Miami and her future projects.

She left an open door to an upcomong fourth trip to Croatia next Summer.

Food in Kvarner, as well as in Istria, is the best food I’ve ever tried. Better than food in Paris, Rome … I’ve been getting fat, I can not even wear a swimsuit (laughs). I think I got five pounds since I was here. All the food is so delicious and light, but the amount of wine I drank (laughter) … with the delight of LaRue’s story

Eva LaRue, an American actress best known for acting as Detective Natalie Boa Vista in the popular crime series “CSI: Miami”, enjoys the beauty of the Primorsko-goranska County these days.

With special enthusiasm, LaRue told us there about the gastronomic delicacies that had the opportunity to taste in some of the best restaurants in our region.

– Food in Kvarner, as well as in Istria, is the best food I have ever tried. Better than food in Paris, Rome … For me as an American it is completely unexpected because I had no idea what to expect … There is little information about the tourism industry in Croatia and what is offered in America. And there’s a lot to offer. Most of my friends who visited Croatia were here by boat, they came on yachts, so I told them all: If you did not get off the boat and went all the way here, you really were not in Croatia! I ask them, “Have you visited the wineries?” And they answer me. “What wineries?” I wonder. “Did you eat in restaurants that recommend Michelin?” And friends are surprised. “Do restaurants in Michelin recommend Michelin in Croatia?” Yes! Many restaurants! I do not know if it’s just my impression, but it seems to me that in the average in Croatia there are more restaurants that recommend Michelin than in any other country. Food is so good! All the restaurants I wanted to present to me were the best of slow food, but to eat for two weeks in a row, for lunch and for dinner … I’ve been getting tired, I can not even wear a swimsuit (laughs). I think I got five pounds since I was here. All the food is so delicious and light, but the amount of wine I drank (laughter) …

New best friend

What was the best you’ve been doing in the last few days? Was this a meat dish, some fishy, ​​maybe some dessert?

– Well, as far as dessert is concerned, I can live without sweet … And what was the best … I tried a veal of veal, prepared by sous-vide technique, in Stancija Meneghetti. It was extraordinary! There the wines were amazing, and the hosts were wonderful, so dear. Owner Miro is my new best friend. Then restaurant San Rocco. There I eat an incredible meal of mushroom truffles, in a jar, something spectacular! Isabella was the best mealtime in meating her cheeks with her nuts, something great, and the wine was perfect … We had wines from all over the region, even Dalmatia … You have amazing wines and we tried some foreign wines. In Bevandi I also have wonderful meals, pizza and excellent wines from Croatia. I was delighted with raw marinated shrimp with yellow-prepared sous-cam in sugar and salt, with a piece of raw tuna. I’ve never eaten anything like that! Sounds unusual, but it was magical, just incredible. All the places I’ve been to are part of the brand Stories, the Croatian Unique Hotels, which I am an ambassador. It was a magic experience, I was in a variety of stories, different flavors. Last year I went to nine buildings, this year it’s all over and it’s all amazing! I could not even imagine that everything would be so fantastic.

I live my dream.

Will you come to Croatia next summer?

“I certainly would love it because there are so many that I have not seen. It would be my fourth visit to Croatia. This is the perfect place to start or end a trip … I also think that June is a great time to stay in Croatia. It seems to me that in July and August too many tourists … So I would be happy to return next June. If they call me, I will be happy to respond to the call. (laughter).

In Croatia you are best known for playing in the series “CSI: Miami”. How was that part of this popular series?

“It was incredible, fantastic ten years of my life! And it was really fun. Everyone on the shoot, and the actors and the rest of the team, we became a big family. It was very sad when the series stopped recording after ten years. We all grew up somehow together … People got married, they got kids, they parted, kids grew up … It was a special time.

Did you during the series work have the chance to learn some forensic methods?

“Yes, we had technical advisers, specialists, real CSIs, real detectives from the Los Angeles office of the Los Angeles office, who came to us on a daily basis and taught us the protocol: how to clear the crime scene, how to gather evidence, how to read a blood sample , how to behave properly so as not to contaminate the crime scene, which is very important. Even some real CSIs aren’t skilled in that. It is well known that during the investigation, contaminated sites of crimes of some known murders in the United States were because those who didn’t know that they did contaminate the crime scene, so it was interesting to know something that many experts don’t know. Very fascinating.

Main character in the series »CSI: Miami« Horatio Caine is a cult television character in Croatia. Is there such status in the US as well?

– Yes, Horatio Caine is a legendary figure! There are so many Youtube videos, comic puzzles dedicated to him.

What are you doing right now?

– Before I came to Croatia, I was two months in Kentucky where I was filming the Orphan Horse movie with Jon Voight. After we finished recording, I came here. And now I’m working on developing ideas for a television series.

Have you always wanted to be an actress?

– Yeah, since childhood. I wanted to be a dancer, but I was most interested in acting.

Are there any more professions you wanted to deal with but never did?

– I have to say I live my dream right now. I travel as much as I can. I’ve always wanted it. Aside from acting and living in the entertainment world, I’ve always wanted to travel and see as much of the world as possible. Maybe this sounds ridiculous or like a cliché, but I really live my dream. I am very happy to be able to do what I want.

Jun 2018
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Minister of Tourism Gari Cappelli met a well-known actress: “Eva is a true ambassador of Croatia.”

Croatia becomes more recognizable in the film industry. We will have a promotion of the movie “Mamma mia 2” in July and August, and there are certainly 20 films in Croatia so people like Eva LaRue who promote this kind of tourism approach Croatia to a completely different category of guests, Cappelli said.

A well-known American actress, Eva LaRue, who, as ambassador of a group of unique luxury hotels in Croatia known as the “Stories” brand, enjoys the Kvarner region today, visited the Design Hotel Navis in Preluk, where she met with Tourism Minister Garijs Cappelli. The stars of the CSI: Miami series in Navis were hosted by the owners Krunoslav and Andrea Kapetanović and the hotel manager Zoran Užar.

Her visit, marketing, PR and all that will be done represent a great shift and a way of thinking in that segment of tourism. The objects she promotes with her quality have led to people like her wanting to promote. Croatia on the map of the world has definitely become the place where it can come and have such quality of facilities as it promotes, said Cappelli and added:

– I met Eva two years ago when she visited Istria. We talked about the possibilities of Croatia and she was very interested in that topic. She is a true ambassador of Croatia. The whole world conveys what she says and visits Croatia so much, because it will bring us additional promotional activity that today is very difficult to get in this way.

To find out what Eva LaRue has discovered about her stay in Kvarner read Sunday’s issue of the New List.

Click in the photo to read the original article.

Jun 2018
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Croatian press is so into Eva’s promotion of their country. Today they released a new interview with her and included an audio of it.

Hotel Bevanda, whose location and interior could be used to record a film that is being performed in Florida, is now home to Eva La Rue, partner of David Caruso in “CSI Miami” series. Eva is an ambassador of Croatian tourism, as she promotes the brand of luxury Croatian hotels.

It became about two years ago, when people from the Croatian Chamber of Commerce came to Rovinj and when the brand Stories hotel, which now includes 17 luxury Croatian hotels, was just in the back. After six months she returned and visited the Dalmatian part of the group, and now they are on the verge of Istria and Kvarner. Until then, he did not know anything about Croatia, and now, with enviable skill, pronounces the complicated names of our cities.

Asked if the role in the series, besides glory, also had a problem, as the actor “typizes” for a certain type of characters, she says: “Yes, that’s the problem, since since we stopped four years ago to record CSI, they offered me exclusively but before that I played in the soap, so it was hard to get out of that cliché, and we’ll see what’s going to be. ” What would you like to be? “Well, I just made a movie with Jon Voight (father of Angelina Jolie), and now I’m making my own show that I will produce myself.”

Asked if she could return time, she would go the same way, “Wow, that’s a good question … But no, I would not really change because I stayed in California, I did not come to New York to record soap, maybe my career would look different, but I would not get the most important thing in my life – that’s my daughter. ”

When asked about the origins and surname of the French, Eva says: “There are many different nationalities in me, the roots are mostly Puerto Rican, but there are places for a single Croatian name!” Will we then invite all the free boys? “Yes, Definitely ..!”, Laughing will laugh with Eva.

You can listen to the audio here.

Jun 2018
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A new article from Croatia has been published and in this article we discover a new side of Eva.

She dished about America’s current situation, new projects and who would she rather put as President.

The star of the criminal series is enchanted by Croatia.

Eva LaRue, known for her role as Natalia Boa Vista in the CBS Criminal justice series “CSI: Miami”, has been staying in Istria for the past few days, promoting Croatian tourism through social networks. For the Jutarnji she discovered what she was thinking about her condition in her state and what her plans for the future were.

“I don’t think anyone at this time wants to be an American, we seem to be the biggest idiots in the planet. Maybe we are. In America now is all one big reality show.

Guess who would she put as President?

“I’d rather have Kim Kardashian as President than Donald Trump. Both are very similar. Both are stars of reality shows and are known for sex scandals. She knows at least how to monetize it, and it’s all made of a brand and looks good.”

Eva adeed that she would like to dedicate more production in the future and is currently writing a script for a series that will deal with her family history.

“My dad is Puerto Rican and he was the most well-known media in that country, so he connected people to those from the other world. The story of the series will be related to him and his role, the role of psychiatrist.”

Jun 2018
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Eva gave a new interview to In Magazin for the Croatian channel Nova TV and she was very open about different topics.

The first questions were obviously her experience coming back to Croatia:

At the begining of the interview we listen to the introduction in Croatian at the time we see the location and the interviewer right next to Eva.

Eva, welcome back to Croatia, or with the CSI language, welcome back to the crime scene.

Thank you, it seems to be clean right now.

So as we always like to hear when somebody is you know delighted with Croatia, I read you said that the sunset insider was of you to slow their worldly.

Yeah, just, I mean stunning, and every little island is different and unique. The one thing they all have in common is at how pristine Lea clean, pristine like you could eat off the street. Everybody is so kind and so nice and so welcoming and so gracious.

It’s really it’s been an incredible experience.

You said that besides bringing home the sunset in Zadar you would also bring a Croatian man. They’re charming, right?

The croatian men are so hot. I went home and I said to my girlfriends I was like you cannot believe I got, well you know first of all,
my daughter and I landed last year in Split right and we get picked up by the owner of he’s just gorgeous and he came with his girlfriend, of course, but who is lovely but my daughter pokes me.

And you didn’t leave the airport.

Yeah, we didn’t even left the airport and there were ten beautiful Croatian men, and she was like “I’m gonna like it here.”

And this alone free?


What happens in Croatia stays in Croatia.

I like that.

Did you get to learn any of Croatian?

Not much, I haven’t. Here’s the problem. whenever I learned some Croatian, I’ve also been
drinking too much wine so I don’t remember what I’ve learned, so what I’m gonna have do is have some beautiful Croatian man give me an actual Croatian lesson yes, and then I will remember.

After talking about her trip and Croats the interviewer asked about Eva’s marriages and dished about her personal life:

You were married three times,are you seeing anybody right now?

Like, I know in this years we know what we want
but if you exactly know what you don’t want.

Exactly, and I’m calling myself a
marriage gangster, okay? Yeah! Since I’ve been married many times.

Would you marry a fourth time? You would.

I mean, I’m a romantic at heart, so you know,  I would definitely leave myself open to possibility, but I love being a partner.

I love being somebody’s partner. It’ll be interesting to see who it is.

Maybe a Croat?


You never know.

No, and you know what? I wouldn’t mind living here.

On the same interview Eva remembered her story as victim of sexual harassment with Steven Seagal and commented why all the women and men are coming out now and why it is important they’re doing it:

“Now he’s being sued for rape by several women.

You’ve got to walk away?

He called you for a role in his room with all the people in it. He was in a kimono and he flashed you.

Yeah, he started to take his kimono off. He had nothing under his kimono. No underpants.

How does a 22 years old girl feel?

Wrecked out because like the door was locked.

He had locked the door, I didn’t see him lock the door because when I walked into the room I had my back to him.

I was walking into the room and he locked it quickly, so when he he said oh sit on the couch
have a seat on the couch and I went to go sit on the couch and I as I turned to sit down he was coming towards me taking his kimono off, I was like, oh my god, so I jumped up off the couch and I like you know, like ran past him to the door and he’s like “no no no, don’t go, no no no.”

I’m just said just stay and I went to
open the door, and then I realized, oh my god he locked the door, but luckily he locked it from the inside so it wasn’t like, I you know so I was just fumbling.

With it fumbling, you know like, yeah, and use like no no no don’t go don’t go, and I said, I have to go, I have another audition. I’ve got to get out.

Thanks God he let you go out.

Yeah cause he’s a big guy and he’s a martial arts you know.

whatever, whatever, yeah I told everybody
I knew from the time it happened, nobody
cared. I got in my car, we didn’t have cellphones then. I named my car, got to my
house, called my agent, called my manager, called my publicist, called my girlfriend,called my mother, called everybody I knew and told them the story and since I was 22 I’ve told anybody who would listen the
story. And what did you know what an
idiot this guy is and what a dangerous
person, and everybody you know, they live
what were they gonna do? There was nothing to be done no one was going to stop him.

So all these women have been telling their stories all this time, is not a “oh, why she’s saying it now”, no, she’s been, they’ve been saying it, just no one listened until now, and that’s unfortunate. I mean it’s fortunate that
finally but.

Good of you. Thank you for this conversation.

Thank you.”

I made the translation myself after listening the video few times but there could be mistakes so I apologize in advice.

Jun 2018
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Croatian website Novilist.hr wrote an article about the visit of Eva to Opatija.

She was in the hotel Bevanda.

The American actress and model Eva LaRue fascinated by the beauty of Opatija.

“I am thrilled. I went into the room to leave the jackets and the rest of the astonished look that provided – in front of me the beautiful blue sea, and one side of the beach club. This is a great location.” – were the first impressions of Eva LaRue, who in the passage in the car through Opatija was delighted by the city’s architecture.

American actress and model Eva LaRue, best known for her role in the cult criminal series “CSI: Miami”, came to visit Opatija tonight. During a two-day stay, she was staying at Hotel Bevanda, gourmet specialties and sightseeing in Opatija.

Eva LaRue has come to Croatia for the third time, and for the second time as ambassador of a group of unique luxury hotels in Croatia known as the “Stories” brand, and a member of Hotel Bevanda. A very open and affordable American actress was ready to pose at the arrival on camera lenses as well as journalists.

LaRue arrived in Opatija from Istria where she visited Pula and Rovinj. She was particularly delighted with the search for truffles, as well as visiting the Baredine cave. After a two-day stay in Opatija, her trip will continue in Losinj, where she will be staying at the Alhambra Boutique Hotel.

The American actress visited Dalmatia last year as part of the same project of luxury hotel promotion. She says that her visit to Croatia was an incredibly beautiful experience, and when she was called to visit seven more hotels in Istria and Kvarner, she immediately accepted the offer. Delighted with Croatian wines, she praised that she was able to find a store in America where she could get her extremely fine Croatian wines.

Mercedes Serafimova, Marketing Manager of Bevanda Hotel, stated that the visit of the actress is extremely important for the promotion of Croatia and Opatija as a luxury tourist destination.

– The members of the Croatian brand Stories, sponsored by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, are 17 hotels. For the promotion of these hotel facilities, this very open, communicative and friendly American actress was chosen. I believe that her announcements on Instagram will most contribute to the recognizability of our destination in the world – said Serafimov, who with a representative from the Tourist Board of the City of Opatija, Željko Stašić, met with a genius from California.



Jun 2018
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The website Dnevnik.hr posted a interview of Eva filmed two days ago at the Meneghetti Hotel in Bale, Croatia.

Eva LaRue , the star of the popular American series CSI Miami, is staying in Croatia for the next two weeks. After her delight in the Croatian coast, actress Eva LaRue promotes Istria this year. In conversation with Ivan Nanut she discovered what she most liked in our country.

Croatia, for the sake of this American actress, as he says, is a promised land.

“Last year I was in Split, Dubrovnik, Split, Korcula, Zadar, Sibenik, Dubrovnik and Hvar. And at Palmižana, “Eva said.

This 51-year-old is also a passionate passionate about the beauties of Croatia and on her blog . Most of them, she says, impressed Zadar.

”That. It was wonderful, especially with the sounds that came from the sea organs. It’s amazing and beautiful, ” says the actress.

Eva has more than 50 roles behind. She was twice nominated for the Emmy Award. For the past two years, she is the ambassador of luxury hotels on the Croatian coast. The role of what says her naturally lies.

“I think I was most surprised at how clean it was. You could eat from the road , “Eva was surprised.

While in Croatia, she does not think to keep a rigorous child. Istrian truffles and wine, she says, is hard to resist.

Eva LaRue ove godine promovira Istru – Dnevnik.hr from EvaLaRueDotNet on Vimeo.

Jun 2018
News, Photos, Travels   •   Posted by with Comments Off on Eva LaRue at Wine Hotel Meneghetti in Bale, Croatia.

Eva’s first stop in her trip to Croatia was the Hotel Meneghetti located in Bale.

She shared her journey in her http://instagram.com/imevalarue” rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>Instagram account and Stories Hotels account.

You can find as well the videos in our profile in the social networks Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Croatian website Glas Istre reported the next about this trip:

Famous actress, model and travel blogger Eva LaRue, best known for her role as Detective Natalia Boa Vista in the CSI Miami series, resumes her residency in Istria yesterday.

With this charming Hollywood star we met yesterday afternoon at the Wine Hotel Meneghetti near Bale, where Eva was at the beginning of her nearly two-week stay as an ambassador of the new luxury hotel Stories. In March, last year, she was for the first time in Istria and Croatia for the presentation of this hotel at the European Summit of the International Association of Luxury Hotels held in Rovinj, and during June and July she visited Dalmatia and was keenly talked about her experiences in Croatia. On this occasion, along with Meneghetti, visit Hotel Adriatic in Rovinj, Valamar Isabella Island Resort on Sveti Nikola Island and San Rocco in Brtonigla to later extend to Kvarner and visit the Alhambra Boutique Hotel in Mali Lošinj and the Opatija hotels Bevanda and Navis Design. In the Wine Hotel Meneghetti she met with owner Miroslav Pliš and director of the Istrian tourist community Denis Ivošević last night and were particularly delighted with the Meneghetti wine, which she said was very complex. As she says, the wine deals with amateur but she is very interested, probably related to her growing up near the Napa Valley in California, one of the world’s most famous wine regions.

“Maybe some will say I don’t understand about wine because I don’t like French wine, but I can’t , I don’t like them.” -she told us about the dinner last night.

“I’ve tried a lot of French wines, I really try to meet and love them but somehow I just don’t go.”

Much like her Italian wine, she likes complex black wines, she adds. Last year, she was delighted with Dalmatian black wines and told her friends a lot about the Croatian wine tradition, which America has, as she has said, very little to know. “There is no formal education when it comes to wines but there is a lot of practice. I don’t know if the alcoholic is the best word for that kind of training”, she added with a smile. And Miroslav Plišo himself told us that he was pleasantly surprised by her knowledge of the wine, which is not passive, she explains, but very active. It is the same with olive oils.

Today, Eva LaRue is hunting for truffles, and in the afternoon she makes her commitments to the media.

Original article:

Poznata glumica, manekenka i travel blogerica Eva LaRue, znana ponajviše po svojoj ulozi detektivke Natalije Boa Vista u seriji CSI Miami, od jučer ponovno boravi u Istri.

S ovom simpatičnom holivudskom zvijezdom družili smo se jučer poslijepodne u Wine hotelu Meneghetti kraj Bala, u kojem je Eva odsjela na početku svog gotovo dvotjednog boravka u funkciji ambasadorice novog brenda luksuznih hotela Stories. U ožujku prošle godine prvi je puta bila u Istri i Hrvatskoj upravo povodom predstavljanja ovog hotelskog brenda na Europskom summitu Međunarodne udruge luksuznih hotela održanom Rovinju, a tijekom lipnja i srpnja obišla je Dalmaciju i oduševljeno pričala o svojim iskustvima Hrvatskom. Ovom će prigodom, uz Meneghetti posjetiti i Hotel Adriatic u Rovinju, Valamar Isabella Island Resort na otoku Sveti Nikola te San Rocco u Brtonigli da bi kasnije produžila za Kvarner i obišla Alhambra Boutique Hotel u Malom Lošinju te opatijske hotele Bevanda i Navis Design. U Wine hotelu Meneghetti sinoć se družila s vlasnikom Miroslavom Plišom i direktorom istarske turističke zajednice Denisom Ivoševićem a posebno su je oduševila vina Meneghetti za koja je rekla da su vrlo kompleksna. Kako sama kaže, vinima se bavi amaterski ali jako je zanimaju, što vjerojatno ima veze s time što je odrasla u blizini doline Napa u Kaliforniji, jednog od najpoznatijih svjetskih vinorodnih područja.

– Možda će neki kazati da se ne razumijem u vina zato jer ne volim francuska vina, ali što se može, baš ih ne volim, rekla nam je prilikom sinoćnje večere. Probala sam puno francuskih vina, zbilja se trudim upoznati ih i zavoljeti ali nekako mi jednostavno ne idu, kaže. Puno joj se više sviđaju talijanska vina, preferira složena crna vina, dodaje. Lani je bila oduševljena dalmatinskim crnim vinima i svojim je prijateljima naveliko pričala o hrvatskoj vinskoj tradiciji o čemu se u America, kako je kazala, jako malo zna. Nema nikakvu formalnu naobrazbu kad je riječ o vinima ali ima puno prakse. Ne znam da li je alkoholičar najbolja riječ za tu vrstu treninga, dodala je uz smješak. I sam Miroslav Plišo kazao nam je da je ugodno iznenađen njenim poznavanjem vina koje nije pasivno, kako objašnjava, već vrlo aktivno. Jednako je i s maslinovim uljima, vrlo je rijetko za nekoga tko nije s Mediterana da ima toliko aktivnog znanja o vinima i uljima, vrlo detaljno prepoznaje okuse i mirise, kaže Plišo.

Današnji dan Eva LaRue provodi u lovu na tartufe, a poslijepodne odrađuje svoje obaveze prema medijima.



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